Two important meditations / Earth is alive!

Very important meditations, guarded by highly evolved light beings:

1. Every 1’st day of every month at 5:30 pm (New York time) a short meditation in which we ask the Universal Matrix that the water, air and soil to clean themselves out of everything that doesn’t correspond to the good and truth of the Matrix.

 2. Every Sunday at 5:30 PM (NY time) a meditation for the new human race which will emerge after 2012.

In this meditation we will channel for 5 minutes the following:

 “The humans are immortal. They are born, reach maturity and stay that way. Strong, vigorous, healthy.
We are young, mature, healthy, vigorous, good and loving. Death does not exist. We are eternal.”

 Please share this information with the people you know. Highly evolved beings created this new shape-thought-energy into the Matrix and they also participate to these meetings. This is a gift to us.
    Also, connect as often as you can to Earth’s core, with love and positive thinking. Earth is alive, even if we can’t understand. Earth’s core is like our heart and he suffers right now. The more people connect to Mother Earth’s core with love, the quicker and less harmful the changes will occur. We will reach a higher level in 2012: 4’th density and 5’th dimension. At the same time, Earth will also change to fit the new vibration. Our planet will also have a new name, which now we are finally allowed to know. Earth’s name after the 2012 changes will be UNOA.

With great love, light and wisdom to you, my Universal family!
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