The same message: Don’t agree to fight! No more wars!

BE AWARE, I believe something VERY IMPORTANT is about to happen!

We are bombarded with “UFO” and “alien life” news all over the planet. Channels officially controlled by the elites broadcast for the first time this kind of news.
1. We are waiting for NASA’s conference that is said to contain information about life on other planets discovered by Kepler and SETI programs.
2. Recently, NASA stated that only 40 light years away, they’ve found a planet that can sustain life. (Some people promoted the idea that we can move there if something happens to Earth!!!).
3. NASA discovered 2 solar systems similar to ours. Planets that gravitate around a central Sun.
4. Again, NASA discovered on Saturn’s largest moon -Titan- signs of extraterrestrial life. NASA doesn’t know yet how life manifests on Titan.
5. Yesterday, UFO researcher Robert Hastings organized a news conference where he spoke about extraterrestrial crafts hovering above nuclear missile silos. 7 high rank army personnel stated that UFO’s have been seen in the past 50 years around nuclear missile silos. Robert also gathered 120 military or ex-military personnel that witnessed these events.

Until now, everyone who said anything about UFO’s was brutally ridiculed, but now a guy like Robert can held a press conference and all major news channels broadcast this in a very serious manner. More intriguing, 7 high rank military officials and 120 military personnel witnesses are supporting Robert.
Robert Hastings:
“I believe that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who for whatever reason have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II.”
My conclusion:

I know for some time that the elites have 2 major plans for the future:
1. The reduction of Earth’s population to only about half a billion by starting World War 3. This will be a nuclear war, where all major powers will nuke the entire planet while they will live in the Underground bases (luxurious 20+ stories deep cities).
When it will be safe, they will emerge from underground with the plans for the future societies. One army, one religion, one language, one electronic currency. All human slaves will be chipped and the reconstruction of the new “free” world will begin. WW3 will begin with the US attack on Iran.
[Just think for a second, the nuclear weapons (and not only) are called Weapons of mass destruction. Who do you think the masses are? Us, of course!]
2. The union of all people against a fake alien invasion. The result is the same, but they will not be forced to move in the underground bases and they will have nothing to reconstruct. USA is building flying discs since the 50’s, after WW2 ended. So an alien invasion would be very easy to fake for them.

Both plans are almost ready, when the time comes, they will simply choose one or make a combination of the two.

Click here for Robert Hastings speaking on CNN about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings!

I love you all!