Why do people say we are being “brainwashed”?

What means to be “brainwashed” and what “fake ideas” really are?
The system promotes only carefully selected ideas (specifically created to serve a certain purpose). All human beings are raised hearing and learning only these ideas. We are taught how to think and what to believe. The crushing majority will end up believing everything they’ve been taught is 100% genuine and will never question the received information. Some call this “brainwash” and I agree them.
 A brainwashed human will always come up with “fake ideas”. Because all his ideas are based on the information fed to him his entire life. When someone asks you which is the best laundry detergent, you will automatically think to the best advertised product. But what do you really know about that detergent? Only what the system promoted. That is a fake idea. You think the answer belongs to yourself, but it doesn’t. And this applies to all fields. Now think about it…how deeply brainwashed are we?

Don’t forget I love you all!