How to Survive a Nuclear War or a Major Catastrophe!

Part I – The beginning/ the preparation

01. Withdraw all your money from banks;

02. Inform all your friends and family to do the same and as follows;

03. Leave as quick and as far as you can from any major City (move in a far and remote village or even better in a remote mountain chalet);

04. Take with you:

– Warm clothes;

– Thick blankets;
– Matches (water or at least moisture resistant) and candles;
– Gas lamps;
– Canned food (as diverse as you can, but focus on the important one/ choose the cans with the furthest expiration date);
– Oil and lard for frying/cooking;
– Seeds of all kinds (vegetables, fruits, etc.);
– Store great amounts of fresh water (bottled);
– Store great amounts of flour (for bread backing);
– Buy several first aid kits (and a first aid book);

– Buy medication (antibiotics for powerful colds and infections, aspirin for mild colds, a painkiller for headaches and a more powerful one for injuries, disinfectant, etc.);
– Buy natural (or bio), self care (nail clipper, trimming scissors, etc.) and hygiene products (soap, detergent, shampoo, etc.);
– Condoms (you don’t want STDs or babies in circumstances like these);
– Buy simple tools (hoes, shovels, axes, scissors, hammers, nails, etc.);
– Hunting knives (for the strong blades);
– Several pairs of quality gloves;
– Quality duct tape;
– Whistle (it’s cheap, small and you may need it);
– Shocks and water resistant torch (and matching quality batteries);
– Batteries (plenty for your devices AND at least 2 from each other type – you may need them in the future);
– Store as many fire woods as you can (and tinder/cards/used paper);

– Toilet paper (collect the used one in a container and use it as fire lighter – it may sound gross, but survival doesn’t know this word);
– Store gas or fuel for fire ignition (if the tinder gets wet, for example);
– Buy a big and thick, fire resistant pot, for “camp-cooking” (straight above the flames);
– Buy a survival book;
– Buy a hunter’s book, with game meat recipes included (“game meat” is the meat of any land animal that has been hunted for food);
– If you are a hunter or if you have a gun license/ permit: buy plenty ammunition and take the gun/s with you (for hunting, if you are a meat eater).
– Games like: backgammon, chess, monopoly, scrabble, rummy, etc.
– Take all the jewelry you have (especially gold) and place them inside a bag (wear no jewelry). Gold will probably become the main or the only currency, because it never looses value. You will need it to buy food or supplies, later in the future (you can also buy a ticket, a service, or you can use it for bribe). Keeping the jewelry hidden will keep you safe from possible robbers. If you own heavy or precious jewelry you will want to break them into smaller pieces (for small favors or few supplies).
– Radio (at least one);
– Portable two-way radios (if you have enough money buy one for each member of your group);
– Pepper sprays, Electroshocks and telescopic batons (one for each of you, if you have enough money);
– Power generator (if you have enough money you will find it useful);

05. Spend most of your money on provisions (monetary currency will become worthless during and after a Nuclear War);

06. Take with you as many trustworthy people as your house can accommodate (especially family). Take in consideration that people may act unpredictable under stress, so bring along ONLY people you know and trust. Also keep in mind that you may be stuck together for a very long time, so you want to bring especially couples. In a survival situation you don’t need any kind of internal fights which will disband the integrity of your group.

07. The people who agree to come with you must do as above!

08. STORE YOUR FOOD SUPPLIES PROPERLY!!! (Moisture free, above ground, no light, 50-68* Fahrenheit or 10-20* Celsius, sealed storehouse);

09. Take with you one medium size male dog (big dogs eat more, small dogs are defenseless in any situation). A female dog will attract male dogs to your house. The dog will sleep inside the house at the ground level, close to the door. Check the perimeter of the house as soon as the dog barks. Be firm and ready to act (wisely)!

Part II – After the nuclear explosion, the survival mode is on!

10. Don’t forget you are together because you trust each other! You can make the best out of your time spent together, so be wise!

11. You can also vote for a leader, but only if you think it’s necessary. The leader must be VERY wise, balanced and calm. First of all he must be a trusted friend & only after a leader. He must act as a leader ONLY when needed and he must be a positive example in all aspects.

12. Make the rules together and take any decision only after it was passed by a vote!

13. You are no longer a group, you are a family.

14. Once the destination is reached, everyone must be mobilized as follows:

– Make a list with all the food supplies you have stored and keep the booking together;

– Divide the amount of food that your group will consume everyday, so that the supplies will last for at least one year;
– Set together few simple and effective rules (especially about the supplies)!
– Set together the everyday tasks;
– Check the expiration date of your supplies and make a list. First, consume those with the lowest expiry date;
– Clean the house and keep it that way (recycle or reuse the water from dish cleaning*);
– Shower once a week and use as little water as you can (establish a rule together*);
*If you don’t have a clean and fresh well nearby. Even if you have access to a well, store (properly) as much water as you can;
– In survival conditions the personal hygiene is very important. Keep your hair short and your entire body clean;
– Instruct everyone in: self defense, first aid, cooking, etc.
– If you don’t have a toilet inside the house, build outside a traditional wooden toilet (don’t forget to save the used toilet paper);
– Use the radio to find out the broadcast frequencies;
– Turn the radio on once a day and listen for any news;
– Tune one two-ways radio on the Army’s broadcast band to listen their conversation (you will find out the truth about what’s really going / never speak to them unless it’s absolutely necessary);
– Organize very small and efficient hunting parties if the food is nearing depletion (2 armed men should always stay at home and protect the house);
– Avoid any kind of conflicts, especially internal;
– Build a wooden hut (not too close from your main house) and provide food and shelter for people who need it for the next couple of days. But only if they seem honest and safe! If they plan to stay, then they must agree to follow your rules and agree to work as a team. They must also provide their own food (you may help them by hunting with them and by borrowing seeds).
– Be kind and loving, but wise at the same time!
– Avoid any contact with the army!
– Inside the house, always keep the guns with the safety on!
– Keep a very low profile and be prepared to defend your house and family against any danger!
– Build a defensive perimeter and plan the course of action in few given situations;

Stay always focused and serene! Better days are coming with every passing day!

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;