Anunnaki: Chronology of events (Part Three)

Kings on Earth

3,760 BC
The humans received Earth’s leadership. Ninurta made the first capital at Kish. The calendar emerged in Nippur. The civilization had begun flourishing outside Sumer.



Nannar/Sin took over the leadership of Sumer. Babylon was proclaimed “the gate of the gods” by Marduk. The well known event from the Babylon Tower (a.k.a. The Tower of Babel) took place and the Anunnakis managed to “tangle” the human languages (the Biblical confusion of tongues).
(Babylon Tower still under construction. The ancient constructions were built to last for tens or thousands of years. The pyramids of Giza from Egypt were recently dated to be at least 15,000 years old. These constructions defy our modern dating techniques.
As I always stated, someone is trying very hard to hide the truth. All pyramids from all over the world were intentionally covered with soil, even those from Giza. Other giant structures have been tared apart by unearthly powers. For example: Puma Punku.
The biblical story:
According to the biblical account, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to the land of Shinar, where they resolved to build a city with a tower “with its top in the heavens…lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the Earth.” God came down to see what they did and said: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do.” So God said, “Come, let us go down and confound their speech.” And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel “because God there confounded the language of all the Earth.” *Genesis 11:5-8* ).

Thoth has been dethroned by Marduk (Egyptian god Ra). Dumuzi, Thoth’s brother has been arrested for betraying Inanna; then, mistakenly killed. Marduk has been walled in inside the Great Pyramid, but he managed to escape through out a secret tunnel. Then he fled into exile.

(Marduk depicted in his human form with a reptilian being next to him; or part of him. Also, in the left side of the picture, a snake seems to crawl up his sleeve and emerge at the back of his head. This way, his had seems to have two opposite faces: one human/ one reptilian. In the Sumerian culture many gods were depicted as having multiple faces, clear sign of “shapeshifting” even though the accepted variant is different. Please remember that no civilization had the right to depict the reptilians in their reptilian form).


Those have been years of chaos that came to an end only after a new Pharaoh was proclaimed. The civilization evolved reaching the second region.

Erech took over the leadership of Sumer and Inanna gave him full powers over the third region. The Valley of Indus flourished with civilization. 

(By the way, Inanna is being accompanied by owls in the Sumerian depictions. The Illuminati and Secret Societies worship her in a special ceremony where they burn humans in front of a huge owl statue in the Bohemian Groove. 
                                 (Black Mass Ritual at the Bohemian Groove, 1927)
            (At the Bohemian Groove, with 2 US Presidents: Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon)
All US Presidents have been members of the Bohemian Groove. The rituals include burning children or babies in front of the owl statue.
Real footage from the Bohemian Groove ceremony, secretly broad casted live on CNN:

You have to understand that our leaders know their origins and respect them with holiness. They respect the pure reptilian DNA. Have you ever wondered why the blue blooded always married royalty? They don’t want to mix their blood and lose their DNA purity).


The Sumerian Kingdom begun falling apart and its Capital was moved.

Enlil stated that the humans became harder to control. 
(The humans were many and began defying the Reptilian control. Also, the humans in that area also spoke the same language, which made them even harder to control. The Reptilians (god/gods) found a solution and confused their tongues. This was a long process, not something that happened over night. Because they live very long lives, time was/is not a problem for the reptilians.

Very intriguing for me is the story of a Sumerian hero, Adapa, who was so perfect that the Ea decided to keep him alive forever by taking him up to the Heavenly Abode of Anu where Adapa could eat the Bread and Water of Life.).


Inanna fell in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He established his capital at Agade. This was the birth of the Akkadian Empire.

                                      (Map of The Akkadian Empire, 2,300 BC)

Sargon desecrated the land of Babylon because he wanted to rule over all four regions. The conflict between Inanna and Marduk grew. In order to put an end to it, Nergal (Marduk’s brother) has intervened. He went to Africa in order to convince Marduk to leave from Mesopotamia.


Naram-Sin took over Akkad’s throne. With Inanna’s help, he managed to enter in Egypt, through the Sinai Peninsula.


Inanna took over the power in Mesopotamia. Narram-Sin defied Nippur. The great Anunnakis (the reptilians) attacked Agade, wiping it off the face of the Earth. Inanna managed to escape. Enlil’s and Ninurta’s allies took over Sumer and Akkad.


Sumer’s civilization flourished due to some astute leaders from Lagash. Thoth helped Gudea to build a ziggurat* in Ninurta’s honor.

(*ziggurat = massive monument having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels; see sketches bellow).



Tearh (Abraham’s father) was born in a family of high priests.

(Do you remember what the purpose of the first priests was? The Reptilians gave them power and true knowledge, while the priests conducted the human sacrifices in the name of the -reptilian- gods).


Egypt was divided in two. Ra/Marduk’s descendants kept the South, while the Pharaohs took the throne of the Lower Egypt.


The authority had begun deteriorating in Mesopotamia. Inanna was removed from Erech’s throne.

The Sumerian tablets tell the true history of a very small area of the planet, as seen in the maps bellow:
I have no doubt that this is the true history of this small area of Planet Earth. But we, humans, are very different in aspect and culture, depending on the areas where our ancestors lived. If we want to put together our entire TRUE history, then we have to study each of the first civilizations and connect the dots.
One thing is clear: all our ancestors -no matter where they lived- either worshiped or feared reptilian/ serpent/ dragon gods.
(Just as the Anunnakis gave the leadership to the humans with serpent DNA, the “dragon gods” from ASIA gave the power to their direct human descendants. We accept the royal families without question as our leaders because they descend from the reptilian extraterrestrials. In their opinion, they have the right to lead us because they have pure reptilian DNA. The Reptilians never left Earth. They live in huge underground cities, ruling us from the shadows. Our human leaders know of their existence and always follow their lead. As you will see, at one point they gave full control of the human hybrids over the rest of us, while they moved away from the public sight).

For example, the Hindu gods also came from the heavens in flying machines and waged wars against each other.
                     (Vimanas depicted as flying boats carried in flight by white birds)

                                              (Vimana in flight, in the top right corner)

Interesting scene where the Hindu gods fought against each other with flying crafts and nuclear weapons:

“Gurkha, flying in his swift and powerful Vimana, hurled against the three cities of the Vrishnis and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was the unknown weapon, the iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and Andhakas.” (…)

“The corpses were so burnt they were no longer recognizable. Hair and finger nails fell out, Pottery broke without cause. (…) Foodstuffs were poisoned. To escape, the warriors threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.”

Haemosu came to Korea: a true Son of Heaven came down through the air in a five-dragon chariot. 

In China (which I remind you that has between 100 and 300 pyramids; read in the “Pyramids” section), the Emperors were descendants of the Dragon Gods and used “chariots of fire” to fly with.

I’ve also presented the videos of Wayne Herschel who tells the story of Ra’s arrival to Earth from the Pleiades. He came in a flying disk and went to his underground city/base/home by using the tunnels from underneath the Sphinx. 

(One Egyptian papyrus telling the story of Ra’s arrival to Earth from the Pleiades. Notice the flying disc -what we call UFO- landed on the Sphinx’s back. The disc was shining, as the rays depict).

                              (The flying disc without the shiny rays)

The Mayas also tell the story of their gods.
One of them was Kukulkan, a reptilian wearing a feathers suit who was also depicted as a human. He originated near the Pleiades as well.
The interesting thing is that he ate humans. The Mayan priests were also sacrificing humans for their gods and took the blood and organs into the underground chambers of the pyramids (again pyramids!). From there, the reptilians took them and ate them. They taught us to sacrifice animals and eat them, just like they sacrifice and eat US. We are both their slaves and their food. It might sound odd if you hear it for the first time, but I dare you to go deeper into our TRUE history (not the fake one taught in schools).
The modern science proved that humans are NOT natural meat eaters. The evidences are many: from our teeth, tongue, digestive system, gastric acid and intestines. Humans are the only species who eats for pleasure, instead of need. The faeces resulted from the rotted meet stay in our intestines 7 times longer than in those of a meat eater by nature.

(Quetzalcoatl depicted in both forms: Human wearing a fathered suit and Fathered Snake eating a human. Probably in his reptilian shape he was wearing the feathered suit as well.)

                                    (Quetzalcoatl/ Kukulkan)

(Part Four: The decisive era)