As Many As 300 Pyramids In China

Historically, China is best known for “The Great Wall of China”, but what if I tell you that China also has Pyramids? Over 100 to be more specific; most of them are located in a 70 miles area around the city of Xi’an.

The first picture of a Chinese pyramid was taken in 1945 at the end of World War II and received the name: “This White Pyramid”. 

This wonderful construction is located in the Qin Ling Shan Mountains, about 60 miles Southwest of Xi’an. The photo was kept hidden in the files of the US Military (of course) for 45 years before making it public.

The biggest breakthrough came when Hartwig Hausdorf a writer and author from Germany, was able to visit some of the restricted areas in china, he then found and photographed a large number of pyramids. He later wrote a book called “The Chinese Roswell” and suggest a connection between the Pyramids of China and Extraterrestrial beings.

                               (These pyramids were also buried long time ago by those who want the truth hidden by all means).

The main Pyramid areas are on the Qin Chuan Plains in central China.
-Qin Lin Valley

-Qin Ling Shan Mountains – 100km SouthWest of Xi’an
-Moa Ling – Near Xianyang township 50km West of Xi’an
-Wei Ho River – North of Xi’an (Chinese Imperium)
-Shandong – Stone Pyramid
-Taibai Shan Mountain – 10,000 ft. highest point in the Qin Ling Mountains

The pyramids of Xi’an can now be visited on trips from Xi’an and no longer are located in “restricted areas”. Several pyramids have small museums attached to them. 

Even though our official history has not yet take note of them, the pyramids exist and tourists flock to see them. The most important question is, of course, who build them and why? In fact, our historians are yet to respond to the same question regarding the Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids.

Alexander Light,