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December 21, Total eclipse of the Moon

This image shows the path of the Moon through Earth’s umbral and penumbral shadows during the Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010.
Image Credit: Mr. Eclipse/Fred Espenak
December 18th, 2010 I will try and get you the Live stream for the Show from this website. Early in the morning on December 21 a total lunar eclipse will be visible to sky watchers across North America (for observers in western states the eclipse actually begins late in the evening of December 20), Greenland and Iceland. Viewers in Western Europe will be able to see the beginning stages of the eclipse before moonset, and in western Asia the later stages of the eclipse will be visible after moonrise. From beginning to end, the eclipse will last about three hours and twenty-eight minutes. For observers on the east coast of the U.S. the eclipse lasts from 1:33 am EST through 5:01 am EST. Viewers on the west coast will be able to tune in a bit earlier. For them the eclipse begins at 10:33 pm PST on December 20 and lasts until 2:01 am PST on Dec. 21. Totality, the time when Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, will last a lengthy 72 minutes.

(Special thanks to highercalling88)