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Living in harmony with Mother Gaia

By understanding Creation itself, you will know how to live in harmony and balance with our wonderful home, Planet Earth.

People ask me often: “what is the difference between vegetables/plants/fruits and meat?” / “why are we allowed to kill a plant, but not an animal?”

Plants are a different type of creation. They are wonderful and they were created to help us. Nobody should take the entire plant (killing it), that’s ignorance and stupidity! We should take only one leaf/flower and another one will grow in its place. You can also eat all fruits and vegetables on the planet! If you don’t eat them, they will rot anyway. You see, everything has a purpose! On the other hand, animals are closer to humans. Humans have been manipulated to eat meat because it’s very low vibrational. Because people live in ignorance, they don’t know/understand how important highly vibrational food is for the energetic body (most have no idea that such body even exists).

Your children eat everything you give them, that’s why Asians eat dogs and cats. If you would live there, you will eat them without thinking it’s cruel or gross. Education is everything.

But now we are receiving the new energy (that is constantly sent to us). In order to properly integrate it into your body, please do as follow: 

-meditate daily;
-stay balanced and calm;
-loving and happy;
-eat only vegetarian food;
-drink only pure water from wells;
The new energy will do the rest.

Much love and light!