Usui Shiki Ryoho, Level III Manual

by Rosita Tanza


Being able to teach reiki, and do the attunements are a large section of level III. There are many attunement methods. You can use the attunements in Levels I and II, or the ones listed below.

Distant attunements are a non-traditional technique that is a logical extension of Distant healing. One uses visualization and intent in distant attunement.

The Master/Teacher can visualize each of the attunement steps, and see and feel them taking place. You can use a picture of the person or a teddy bear or other representation to assist when doing them, or just think of the name of the person receiving the attunement.

Distant Attunements are easy to perform if you are familiar with a “hands-on” attunement procedure. There is no special procedure to perform, just some slight modifications to the regular attunement set you are familiar and comfortable with.

Distant Attunement Procedures

1. Use your regular attunement set that you are familiar and comfortable with.

2. This practice is best done by either arranging a set time with the person for them to receive, or to be on the telephone or on-line with them.

3. Have them clear the mind prior to the start time of the attunement.

4. You must both state clearly that the intent for the attunement to be done.

5. Begin the attunement as usual. State clearly that you intend to attune the person.

6. Some people use a teddy bear, photo or other proxy in order to connect with the other person.

7. Perform the attunement. Visualize doing it.


For each level of Reiki there are Attunement sequences. Instructions to pass on these Attunements are not generally taught until Level III, Master/Teacher. The reason for this is that usually only a Master can attune someone into different levels of Reiki, but there are exceptions. These being that some people are naturally gifted at healing and as such are already in tune with the Universal energy, or they have been attuned by Distance Attunement(s).

The Attunement sequences do not vary between levels and all levels have only ONE attunement. More than that is truly not needed. The following is an illustrated description on how to do the Attunements for each level:

REIKI LEVEL I, II, and III (One Attunement for Each Level)

Attunements for Levels I, II, and III:

Step 1. Rub your hands to turn on the reiki attunement power and say, “reiki on.” Then, place both hands on the person’s crown (as you state your intention to attune them to Level I), and leave hands there for 5 minutes. When you’re done, take your hands off, rub your hands and say, “reiki off” to turn off the reiki attunement energy. Tell the person that they are now attuned to Level I.

The steps for the Second and Third attunements are identical. These attunements will not only set up the flow of Reiki, but they help clear the Initiate’s energy centers as well.

This concludes the Master/Teacher Third Level Attunement and Teaching.

Dr. Mikao Usui

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