The Illuminati have a new plan

The Illuminati and the Secret Societies have recently changed their plans. They see how many of us have awakened and they are ready to use this in their benefit. They want the “New World Order” in place (one language, one army, one electronic currency) so they will implement it with our consent.
“How would we give our consent to this?”, you may ask. Well, they are using the same old manipulation technique, revealed to the public by David Icke.

It’s a very simple (and always effective) concept, called:
Problem – Reaction – Solution 
They create a problem – We react to it, asking for a solution – They bring the solution;

This concept is their primary manipulation weapon and is always paying off. Please allow me to give you a simple example.

They wanted to invade Iraq and size their oil fields, but they had no reason to do it. So they used the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” technique:
The “Iraqi terrorists” “attacked” USA – The people asked for a response – They came with the solution: USA declared war to Iraq.
And this concept is applied in all other fields.

Back to the current situation, the implementation of NWO; they are trying to show us how corrupt the Governments are, in order for us to ask for a solution. Their people are working hard to demote 9/11, they intentionally leak information to the public using media tools (Wikileas for example), and so on.
I’m very curious what solution they’ll bring forward, but remember!
Is THEIR solution and is a first step to NWO!