What Should I Celebrate Tonight?

Time is not passing away! It is not flowing like a river, nor vanishing like a dream in the morning light. Nothing earthly can describe it, because time simply IS. Just like the human beings simply ARE. Both time and human beings are infinite and immortal.

Knowing this, I was meditating on what should I celebrate on my birthday, few months ago.

“I am infinite and immortal”, I’ve said to myself. “This life is just one more experience, just another sequence from tens of thousands of consecutive lives. Then why should I celebrate the passing of one year? And what really means this very-very small fraction of time called year, compared to billions of years of evolution? What should I celebrate tomorrow?” 

And after this short meditation, the final question was haunting me. I was driving back home in total silence and I was constantly repeating: “What should I celebrate tomorrow?”

The answer came as a very profound thought, because I’ve always knew it but couldn’t remember it:

Celebrate what you have learned this year. Celebrate the true knowledge you have rediscovered. Celebrate your spiritual evolution. Celebrate LOVE. 

So, my dear family of light, this is probably what the Creation wants us to celebrate tonight. And it makes so much sense! This wonderful planet is our school and our mission is to learn and spread the true knowledge and pure-infinite-unconditional love!

May the Year 2011 be the year of the great revelations, mass spiritual evolution and pure-infinite-unconditional love! Because infinite love is the only truth, EVERYTHING else is illusion!


Alexander Light,; | Pictures: The Fountain;