Anunnaki: Chronology of events (Part Four)

The decisive era


Abraham was born in Nippur.


Nannar received the land of Shem from Enlil. Ur became the capital of the new empire. Ur-Nammu ascended to the throne and became Nippur’s protector. Abraham’s father, Terah, came to Ur to conclude an alliance with the royal court. 

(Map showing The Land of SHEM)
(Ur-Nammu’s pallaces and ziggurat. Around them we can see the city of Ur)
                                                                                                (Ur-Nammu’s ziggurat)
                                       (Ur-Nammu’s ziggurat in our days. The top two floors had collapsed)


Ur-Nammu was killed in the war. The people were sure that his death was arranged by Anu and Enlil. Terah left with his family in Harran.


Shulgi took Ur’s throne. The empire prospered. He fell in love with Inana and became her lover. He gave Larsa to the Alamitos in exchange for their promise to fight as a foreign legion.


The Princes of Thebes, which were loyal to Ra/Marduk, began to pressure the North which was under the rule of Mentuhotep I. The son of Ra/Marduk gained adherents for his father from Western Asia.

                                                                     (Thebes Ruins from our days)

                                                                                           (Thebes temple ruins)
                                                                                       (Thebes temple)

Riots had begun in the Canaanite cities. Nannar ordered Shulgi to send Elamite troops to stop the riots. The Alamitos reached the entrance of the Sinai Peninsula and the spaceport.

                                                                   (The Sinai peninsula – the main spaceport was located here)


Slugi died. Marduk moved into the land of the Hittites. Abraham was the ruler of the Southern Canaan having elite troops under his command.


Amar-Sin, known in the Bible as Amraphel, became Ur’s king. Abraham left for Egypt and came back with more troops, 5 years later.


Amar-Sin (with Inanna’s guidance) formed the coalition of the Eastern kings. Then he sent a military expedition in both Canaan and Sinai. Abraham blocked their entrance into the Sinai space port.


While the empire was falling apart, Shu-Sin replaced Amar-Sin to Ur’s throne.


Ibbi-Sin took Shu-Sin’s place. The Western provinces wanted Marduk.

(Please read carefully what comes next)


Marduk took Babylon’s throne. The war extended towards Mesopotamia’s center. Nippur’s sacred lands were defiled. Enlil ordered the punishment of Marduk and Nabu, but Enik opposed. Enik’s soon, Nergal, took Enlil’s side. 

Nabu and his troops were about to take over the spaceport. The greatest Anunnaki (probably Anu) approved the use of nuclear/ mass destruction weapons.

Nergal and Ninurta attacked and completely destroyed both the spaceport and the Canaanite cities.

                                                                        (Sinai spaceport attacked with nuclear weapons)


The wind carried radioactive wastes towards Sumer. All humans and animals died. The water was poisoned and the land became barren. The great Sumer (and its entire civilization) was laying in ruins.

Abraham died at the age of 100. His hire became Isaac.

That’s the end of the Sumerian tablets. As seen in the previous tablets, the Reptilian Anunnakis gave Earth’s leadership to those with pure reptilian blood and DNA. They only came from their underground cities in extreme cases and their solutions are extreme. Anu is Nibiru’s king and he lives there. We live very interesting times, as the planet is getting closer to Earth.

Will Nibiru’s passing destroy all life on Earth?

I advice you not to believe those trying to discredit Zecharia Sitchin’s translations. Will you believe those who lied and enslaved us for millennia, or those who are struggling to bring the truth to the surface?

And if the tablets are true, then this also means that the Reptilian Anunnakis are REAL. One more proof that they were here and almost for sure they are still here, ruling over us from the shadows. This is much more important than any planet up in the sky. We are their slaves and their food (just like we use animals as our slaves and food) and no matter how painful the truth is, we must face it. Only after dealing with it we can move forward and seek for solutions. Staying ignorant is what they want, but their reign will be over soon.

Nibiru’s passing brought the destruction of a a very small population at that time, located close to great waters in the lowlands. There’s nothing to worry about now! Probably medium floods will occur in some areas, but nothing more.

In my opinion Nibiru will reach the pick of its elliptic orbit in our solar system long after 2012 and it will be clearly visible in the sky for years before reaching its perigee. So, in my opinion, there’s nothing to worry about. Our only concern should be mankind’s spiritual upliftment and anything else is a distraction.


My dear friends, the Reptilian Anunnaki can only survive as long as we keep generating negative emotions. If we begin generating positive emotions, Earth’s vibration will rise and they can’t accommodate it. They do everything possible to keep us unhappy, ill, sad and poor. That’s why there are always wars and unrest. They want us to fight each other, but we have to remember that we are all ONE.

If we want to defeat them and set ourselves free, then all we have to do is learn INFINITE LOVE and ALWAYS manifest it.