Be aware of Agape Abstraque Insitori!

A good friend asked for my help two days ago, after being tricked and sexually harassed by a Facebook guy named: Agape Abstraque Insitori.

After thorough documentation it turned out that Agape has sexually harassed a very high number of women and tricked other into sending him money. Also, his project is apparently a tool to suck money from trustworthy and decent people who donate for what they think it is a right cause.

Please spread awareness and unfriend him immediately. Also, if you have been tricked or sexually harassed or offended be sure to keep contact with the people who formed this group:

I suggest you to get together and press criminal charges against him. Notify Facebook and especially the Police. Please spread the word because we don’t want anyone else to get in trouble because of him.

(I can’t personally guarantee that this is true, but seeing so many people from around the world accusing one guy of the same things it’s enough for me to post this article).

“Agape has made sexual advances at me in which I conveniently manipulatively continued, to understand more about the kind of person he is vs the kind of person he presents himself as and I can definitely tell you that he is a liar. Agape’s wife Angella, was confronted with information of Agape having conversations sexually with other females including myself and when she confronted him, he lied to her face to “protect” her, then from what i’ve perceived, he would post status updates claiming he ridiculously loves her. Now, who’s trying to pull the wool over who’s eyes? Agape has offered to send me sexual pictures of himself as-well as communicate via webcam for sexual e-encounters to experience orgasms together as his sex life with Angella is not fulfilling his desires. I personally see Angella as a victim in this situation and I hope that you posting this on the group page will perhaps shed some more light onto the topic. She deserves nothing less than respect and honesty.” 
“When you block someone, everything about them is deleted from your view….but today I was friended by someone new, and on one of their posts I saw several comments aimed at “Agape”, so I unblocked him, and there he is….Yes, unfortunately he is still around….but I have a feeling he’s gonna get caught soon. I suggested a friend for you, hopefully she will contact you and help you to do something about him….I know she wants him exposed for what he is.
I know that the story he tried to feed you is the same story he uses with other women also…….not me thank god, from me he just wanted money…..he is so disgusting.”


I know, I was personally almost his victim!!! I deleted him today, and thank god for the support of Angels sending me people like this, who have experiences with him. See this next letter, it’s from this woman who tried to warn me, but I just noticed her comment today, when I was erasing his posts!

Dear xxx,
You could never disturb me, especially when the subject is this important. I asked because I wanted to warn you that he was a liar and a FB predator. He has sexually harrassed several folks I know, and his “” page here on facebook is a front for his sickness and deceit. Im so sorry that you had a problem with him, he makes my skin crawl. If you havent already, BLOCK him. Its funny that you were guided to write me on this today, because I again ran into problems regarding him, even though I have him blocked.
I have a feeling he wont be getting away with his crap for much longer.
I have a friend here on FB who you should talk to, she is one of the good ones. She worked with the creep on Truebook until she couldnt stand it anymore. Her name is Cari-Lee Miller, and she is an Angel…..I just adore her.

You are a wonderful, loving soul, and you didnt deserve how that creep made you feel. Im sorry you had to go through it.

 Thank-you for your message. I have vowed to myself to forgive Agape for his ways and to love his in order to create balance for him. I sincerely don’t know what else to do.
Sister I have a long story for you in this respect with Agape. I have promised myself that I would not actively speak about him unless I was asked. You have asked and so I will share.
I met Agape when he posted something which inspired me to help with IRDI in Africa. I called my government official, set up a meetings and began petitioning for funding and aide. I was greeted by my government with enthusiasm and I felt so hopeful.
Agape appreciated my skills as a communicator. I am a journalist by trade and a person of the people who loves communication. He recruited me as his press secretary/writer and his right hand person. We became close, I thought like brother and sister…he had a different thought. I am truly happily married to my twin flame. I say this out of truth and gratitude and appreciation for I realize and appreciate all that I am blessed with. Agape expressed his love for me, and quite innocently I replied the same. I loved the beginning of all of this and I never believed that Agape was untrue. I followed my heart and my heart had a lesson for me. The he told me that he was psychically contacted and told that his kindred flame from the ethereal was here on earth wanting to reunite with him to heal the earth. Quite a beautiful sentiment except for the fact that he believed me to be that one. I know for fact through much truth to my spirit that my husband and I have traveled many lives to be together and be together now. I told this to Agape and still he tried. telling me of dreams he had of us together all in ritualistic ways.
As much as I had had enough I wanted to see truebook and IRDI come true….and then I awoke to all the truth…that no matter how much good the ends were, the lies that bring it about are never acceptable. He is not married to Angella…the child is from another relationship. He told me he was a satanist before, a thief, a drug addict and a much more. There are so many things I can tell you…is this enough?
I am grateful for you asking me. I don’t know what to tell anyone anymore. I know he told many lies to many people about trivial things such as his age. So silly…
He is vile and his conversations with me were quite vamping…I was learning…and I learned a great deal.

Does this help you at all? I have had quite the struggle with myself in this. There was a mass revolt against him with the rest of the truebook team who all had equal problems with him. His entire team walked away from him.
I say we spread our truth. I say we let others know what we have experienced and then let it go to the universe…then people come to us for truth or they don’t. We give it to them and move forward.
That is the best I can give you…that and my friendship!
It is late, I must go to bed.
Much love, and more talks soon!

Born in Czech R., Agape has been working with people for over 8 years, he has education in character typology, motivation techniques & psychological defense mechanisms and musical composition.

He has been brought up in a christian family but has left organised religion in 2005 upon his awakening to the global manipulation of human consciousness.

Since then he has gone through researching quantum physics, consciousness, ancient civilisations, and lately transcendent spirituality with practical realistic implications in everyday world. He is currently creating with a team of people project named Truebook. This is a global online community focused on providing information about Consciousness, Spirituality, Free Energy and Health and also on joining people together and creating alternative communities around the World.

He is married and has a beautiful wife and a baby daughter. 

Below is the link to a note posted by Ana Mirchevska which consists of the letter Arsjaad Poese(an ex TB member from the same recruit as I) had written to managers of the Truebook community. A lot of negative replies were given directed at Arsjaad for the way he presented his information and I will admit I was among one of the individuals to defend Agape but thanks to that message I started to open my eyes to the possibility that yes, we were being scammed by a fellow “friend”.

What made it click moreso was when Agape was asking people for money to feed his family, I said I couldn’t offer anything as money was too tight and his reply was rude and consisted of demeaning me due to the fact that I and others couldn’t offer even $1.


(Edits regarding grammar and spelling have been changed in the posts below to make it easier for people to read, content has not been changed though.)

“Agapes very disrespectful, unhealthy behaviorisms.
He behaves very disrespectful towards me and others, he also likes to provocate unnecessary which means without any goalorientation or ethical meaning, which is more ego centrical to me or otherwise the meaning to control, intimidate others or test their behaviors.

Agape also has many quotes he used in my skype conversations I had with him, like “When I have enough money from truebook, I will take all the money get myself a house in hawaii.” was july I remember. I said to him “in every joke there is truth” his respond on me, “Arsjaad, fuck you with your basic psychology.” I froze because I am not assertive enough.

He most of the times calls me and Goran Grivivic, bitches and likes to say “fuck you” a lot out of nowhere or when he feels uneasy and uncertain.

When I disagreed with him, he made sexual degrading comments and jokes about me and Goran. In general he liked to degrade some of my efforts done in Truebook or what I do personally for myself. Of course sometimes he used motivational speeches but that’s to keep me doing his dirty work.

In July or the end of June one time I said I smoked 1 cigarette and Goran said he didn’t smoke, Agape said to Goran, “fuck you for not smoking. You’re a loser.”

Agape is very good at hustling (donations) as he has had many experiences in his teen life. Asking if he can use the donation to feed his family, is just making a scene on how transparance, honest and integer he might be as a person. It’s just smart thinking and acting, mindgames are easy. I know because I have lived with people like this.

If Agape wants transparancy I will give people a view on my analysis about his behaviourisms. That’s how the selfsustainable communities should look like, start helping those who are creating imbalance in social environment by being a bully. You are as worse as the illuminati if you keep going acting like this.

He likes to use very sexual degrading behaviour against women and also men. Very disgusting, repulsive and futile. He also likes to attack ZM and VP. And likes to COMPARE other organizations with his own organization and likes to talk and argue on how much potential his organization has and how bad the others are. Like he is competing. I thought we were in this for humanity and harmony. This is the same analysis many others have made, so I am not the only one.

Also least 2 months I became very low vibrational, I felt stressed, I can’t be low vibrational, because I can’t function.”

This is a separate situation including another female individual feeling uncomfortable with Agape’s sexual misconduct.

“Hello my friend, I am sending you this message so it is in private. I love the idea of truebook but I can not support Agape for he is not what see claims to be, at least in my eyes. Let my start off with when Agape and i first met.It was Agape’s second day of having a facebook account so we were friends for sometime. Please understand i have no motive to make this shit up, I have kept this and i am keeping this between you and I and one other. Remember this note you had posted:

Please read Agape’s comments about how much he loves his wife. Keep in mind there are lots of people on your note he, I feel is being dishonest to. That includes his wife. Agape always told me I was a very good friend so i would have to ask would a good friend try to have a sexual experience with someone I was in a relationship with? I would think not for 3 main reasons.

– First reason; He is married and claims to love his wife so much.

– Second reason; I was in the relationship with the girl and I am supposed to be his friend/

– Third reason; If what he was telling the girl I was in a relationship that what he was doing was not wrong then why did he hide it from his wife and me?

Agape had asked her to keep it between them 2 only. I was on the phone with her when he was trying to have this sexual experience with her and she was reading me everything he was saying. Now if I was making this up why would after i had deleted him the next day, his wife delete me and block me from facebook? Could it be he did not want his wife to know because he knew his actions were wrong?

Agape also saying in are group call on skype “fuck I’m going to be bigger then Alex Jones”. Would mother Teresa yell fuck I’m going to bigger then Jesus Christ? I think not.

Agape has show me his intentions have not been honest to me, his friend, his wife and to the people he wants to charge a dollar a month to use truebook.

I am sorry I hope we can still be friends but I can not support truebook that he created. Also the girl I was in the relationship with deleted and blocked him as well so she was not making this up either. May Peace and love go with you my friend

Your friend XXXXXXXX”