Nibiru seen from Cyprus (Second Video)

Nibiru (Planet X) and its Moons seen from Cyprus (part two).
The camera is pretty week so the guy zooms in and out for a better focus on Nibiru’s 4 Moons (satellites).

Nibiru is clearly visible under the 35th parallel. Above it can’t be seen yet. It will be as soon as it closes more and more during this year. Currently it’s half Moon big in Cyprus and growing. The video it’s taken at 5 in the morning, just one hour before Sunrise in order to better distinguish it for the other stars. At this hour the stars loose the brightness or disappear at all from the sight, while Nibiru and its Moons remain clearly visible.

A strange thing is that Nibiru seems to pulsate when fully zoomed on it (in all videos that I’ve received). The guys told me that when observed with the telescope it’s not pulsating and its Moons are clearly moving. With the telescope, Nibiru is red, while the Moons are white.
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