The computer called: human body

I. The secrets behind the human bodies Our physical bodies are vehicles that allow us to experience this five senses world, and work similar to high-tech machines or computers. The physical parts (organs, limbs, etc.) are our hardware components, while the software is stored in our DNA just like a pre-installed OS (operating system – example: Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). The DNA is an evolutionary gift from our ancestors and we are passing it on to our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. until the gift comes back to us in a future incarnation.

Our brains work as both storing devices (HDDs) and powerful processors (CPUs). While the fundamental information to our evolution is stored in the DNA, everything we learn during our lifetime is stored in the brain. Our DNA also contains a powerful anti-virus, constantly upgraded for millenniums of evolution. During our lifetime, our anti-virus updates and stores crucial information in order to pass them on to a stronger generation. Every generation collects very small amounts of data to perfect the human body, but the consistent changes in our evolution take billions of years to occur.

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