The future is NOW…or NEVER!

The power of Internet – We are the change!

While you are reading this the global elites are taking the Internet from us, piece by piece. Unfortunately for them, they can’t do it in one giant step because even the most “un-awakened” human will notice the sudden and major change. Unfortunately for us, if they do it in small steps, eventually they will win. I’m not the one telling you this, our HISTORY is!
David Icke exposed this strategy years ago and called it “The Totalitarian Tip Toe”. The first steps in policing the Internet had been made and eventually we will loose it for good.
If don’t understand why the Internet is so important, then I will tell you. Many important people stated that the Internet should have won the “Nobel Price for Peace” because it alone, has brought more progress towards the global peace than all the humans in our entire history combined.
The Internet made us realize that no matter what our corrupt leaders say, we are all the same. We are all ONE. It is also an almost free global video-telephone system and the greatest library ever to exist.
Nikola Tesla is considered to be the father of Internet because he was the first one ever to mention the Internet. But his ideas were even more daring and 100% achievable:
– free infinite wireless energy all over the planet (he PROVED that it is possible, almost 100 years ago);
– free wireless access to news and information all over the planet, by having a small device in your pocket (yes, it was Tesla’s vision of the iPhone and Internet. All free and wireless, 100 years ago).

I’ve also put together a small montage of the nuclear physicist Michio Kaku (I’ve cleared the message from indoctrination so now it’s safe to allow it to reach your hearts).
And because I have the opportunity to present you the future, please allow me to add a short video made by an “YouTubber” that I respect for his creativity and involvement: AlienScientist. He is one of the “people of the Internet” that the first video is talking about. WE are the ones who can make the difference, WE are the change!