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The Gospel of Judas Translated

Before proceeding I want you to know that this is not a religious article. The following article is a spiritual quest of understanding. We will try to understand who Judas was, in order to better understand who Jesus, the Creation and the Supreme Creator are.

After many years since its finding, “The Gospel of Judas” has been finally restored and authenticated.

More than 85% of it has been translated and, as you will see, it redeems the Apostle Judas Iscariot.

In fact, Judas was the most spiritually advanced of all the Apostles and the closest to Jesus Christ. This was the reason why Christ chose him to be the one to fulfill his most important mission on Earth: his own execution!   

If we want to properly understand the Gospel of Judas, we must know the answers to the following two questions:

1. Who was Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ was a Co-Creator, the highest stage of spiritual evolution (All of us work towards this goal and all of us will reach it sooner or later. Fortunately, the Creation doesn’t have a clock, so we have all the needed time to become Co-Creators ourselves).

Christ was also a spiritual teacher on Earth. He was NOT teaching christianity or any other religion, because he never had an earthly religion. Jesus clearly stated that no religion should be founded to honer his name, as his “church” will be wherever two people speak of him. When Jesus spoke, the Creation itself spoke. His words were the words of the Supreme Creator: “I and the father are one!”.

2. Why do we need to interpret the words of Jesus Christ?

A good teacher is able to bring the knowledge to everyone: intelligent or less intelligent, very spiritually evolved or merely at the beginning of this quest. Christ, the Co-Creator, was able to make himself understood by the simple people of that time. Today, we are more intellectually evolved than our brothers and sisters of that time, so we should be able to understand more and also give more meaning to Christ’s words (I can only hope that we are also able to FEEL more).

No doubt that he would speak differently with us today, that he spoke with the Apostles, 2,000 years ago.

Shading some light over the Gospel of Judas

“In the Gospel of Judas, Jesus laughs a great deal”. I am absolutely sure that the human being known to us as Jesus Christ was one of the most wonderful being to be around! Both the greatest teacher and the easiest man to talk to (if one’s intentions were positive). Why wouldn’t he laugh? He knew his mission from the beginning, he always understood who he was, and he possessed great knowledge regarding the Creation. So I am sure that he used to laugh a lot! 
Minute 4:00 “Jesus was laughing because they were worshiping the wrong god!”

For a better understanding I must add that god as we decode him now is an evolutionary stage that each one of us can and will become at some point in our spiritual evolution. In fact, at some point, we will even advance beyond this “stage”. The final goal of all living beings is to become Co-Creators. At this stage, the energetic being literally dissolves into the Supreme Creator (having the form of a gigantic ocean of the purest energy), becoming One with everything that ever was, is, or will ever be.

Jesus Christ reached this evolutionary stage, but in a great act of Love towards the human beings, he denied himself the right to dissolute into the Supreme Creator and instead chose to incarnate on Earth in order to help us. His gesture cannot be comprehended, therefore appreciated by us at its true value. When the being that we know as Jesus Christ incarnated on Earth, he came as a flesh and bones Creator. I am sure that his access into the Matrix was permanent and very strong.

He knew everything about anything because he was thinking and acting with the mind of the Creation. He was both an individual and the Supreme Creator at the same time (“I and the father are ONE!”). Jesus was able to perform “miracles” because he was a Creator and he could work with the Creation itself.

I don’t know exactly why it was important for him to be sacrificed on Earth in order to help us, but I know that because of his gesture we will experience the vibrational leap sooner (most likely something very negative was going to happen to our species before the vibrational leap could take place, so the period had to be shortened). Another gift from Christ is one more chakra in our energetic bodies, that we will be able to activate at some point, long after the vibrational leap. I don’t know its use, but we will experience everything together, when the time comes.

So Christ had to die, in order for this change to happen. His blood needed to be spilled on the surface of this planet, in order for this event to take place sooner. Because we don’t have the knowledge, this may sound strange, but something very important is carried by our blood, something able to influence everything around us. When Christ’s blood was spilled, something forever changed in the energetic/vibrational level.

Now we know for sure that Christ’s blood had to be spilled, but why didn’t Christ kill himself or why didn’t he asked Judas to kill him? I’m sure that the answer to this question lies in one of our Universal laws: “the free will”. Jesus needed to be killed by someone who wanted to do it. His blood needed to be spilled with this intention.

And I am daring enough to go even further! You have to be ready for what’s coming, because my entire spiritual path and historic investigations lead to the same point: the reptilian species that we know as devils or demons! Jesus incarnated on Earth to save us from Satan, a reptilian being — as I have showed in this article. He knew the future, so probably they would have completed their agenda and permanently enslaved mankind. But in order to set us free, he needed to intervene into the Creation itself.

You have to understand that all species obey the rules of this Universe, even the reptilians. They are cunning and always leading us wherever they want us to be, without braking our free will (that’s why Satan is presented into the bible as the serpent who deceived mankind). They push things to the limit, but never above it. They are cunning enough to make us willingly help them enslave us forever.

And this meant that our souls would be doomed to forever incarnate into enslaved vehicles (bodies), without any chance for spiritual evolution. A divine intervention was needed, but without braking the laws of the Creation.

(Read carefully the following paragraph as you may mix the information. Read again and again until you get it, it’s a little over the “edge”).

Meanwhile, a wonderful energetic being reached the final spiritual evolutionary stage, the being we now know as Jesus Christ. He was already a Creator (meaning he could materialize/create anything, because he was one with the infinite Love and perfectly attuned with the Creation), and was about to dissolve his being into the Supreme Creator, completing all his spiritual missions. The reward to his endeavor was the dissolution into the Supreme Creator, and finally becoming everything.

For this reward he worked more than we can imagine. But his Love for this species was too powerful, so he denied himself this right and instead chose to incarnate as a human being, entering Earth’s low vibrational realm, obeying the karmic law once again (Earth is apparently the last planet where karma can be experienced, as all other planets evolved beyond it. We will also evolve beyond karma if the vibrational leap of 2012 actually takes place. Without this divine gift from the higher realms, we will have a long road ahead of us).

Christ chose to become that needed divine intervention, and as a result a Creator was ritualistically sacrificed by the reptilians (this was as the Supreme Creator himself was sacrificed) and because of this we received the right to experience the vibrational leap sooner. It is basically a gift from Jesus Christ!  

So back to the 4th minute of the video, the apostles were worshiping a being which evolved enough to become a Creator (and who eventually created this living organism that we call Earth), but not the Supreme Creator (the one Jesus Christ used to call “father”). Christ was laughing of their naivety. He probably taught them many times this truth, but they all failed to understand it, except Judas.

Judas Iscariot was able to make the difference, and he was more spiritually advanced than all the other apostles. Jesus lectured to all of them as a group, but also to each one in particular – according to each apostle’s level of understanding.

Minute 8:20 Jesus to Judas: “It is possible for you to reach the kingdom of heaven”. This basically meant that Judas was very spiritually evolved in this incarnation and he would most likely not incarnate to Earth again (because he learned all lessons), “but you will grieve a great deal.” Jesus was about to inform him of his most important mission.

Judas, you will sacrifice the man that clothes me!” – in other words, “Judas, you will sacrifice my body, which is a vehicle, not the being that I really am.” Judas’ mission was to “betray” Jesus to the romans. The roman leaders (as ALL other great leaders) were under the direct influence of the demons (reptilian entities who possessed their bodies from another dimension). They needed to shade blood and execute people in sadistic rituals, in order to keep our planet’s vibration as low as possible (which is still going on today). Their tortures and executions were brutal and lasted for hours.

The reptilians always harvested the negative energies caused by sufferance and pain, and also lowered Earth’s vibration in order for them to be able to accommodate it. If Earth’s vibration will rise tomorrow, they will not be able to reside this planet anymore. Their energetic bodies can accommodate only the lowest vibrations.

Having this knowledge changes everything, and we now have a perspective of how exactly did Christ’s sacrifice helped mankind. The reptilians, of course, had no idea that Jesus was one with the Supreme Creator, therefore they could not understand the consequences of their actions.

(I want to remind you that “the devil” wanted to corrupt Jesus to the materialistic things of this world. Why would he even try such a foolish thing? How could he corrupt a Creator – able to materialize anything he could ever desire – to materialistic possessions?

1. Because he didn’t knew who Jesus REALLY was;
2. Because the devil is in fact a reptilian who always corrupted the people by offering them the illusion of power and materialistic possessions. David, the child from Inua, said that even the Atlanteans ended up to become corrupted by the reptilians, so Satan believed he could also corrupt Jesus).

So the romans tortured and ritualistically sacrificed Jesus by crucifixion! I have wondered myself many times what this ritual of crucifixion really meant, but I was unable to draw a final conclusion. It probably has to do with a very powerful release of negative energy during a slow and painful death. I want to remember you that the first Anunnaki have been depicted wearing cross-pendant necklaces by the Sumerians, more than 4,000 years BEFORE Christ’s death. So, many of our traditions, rituals and even architectural features have been brought to our planet by the reptilian invaders.

I’ve read in a book that some people found an alien device hidden in an artificially created chamber inside a mountain. This device projected images of the most important events of our history, including Christ’s crucifixion. One of those who saw the projections, stated that many beings who didn’t belonged there witnessed Christ’s execution. Some of them were hiding in the crowd, trying to cover their faces the best they could.

The writer didn’t wanted to go deeper into this subject and stated that “we are not ready to accept this”, but suggested that some of these beings were not human (reptilian?). THIS article covers the discovery of the projector, but I have omitted this part because it was not important in that context.

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In closing, I want to thank you for taking your time to follow me in this spiritual quest. I hope with all my heart that now you Love and appreciate a lot more than before this wonderful being known to us as Jesus Christ! His sacrifice was actually much grater than the tortures he endured and the slow and painful death that he was submitted to. He actually sacrificed the thing that he worked for millions of years or more: the reward of becoming EVERYTHING!


Alexander Light,;