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The North American Union and Amero are almost here!

‎”The Totalitarian Tiptoe” – David Icke. Small steps until they achieve their final goals without the masses even realizing it. 

If they make one giant step (huge change), even the most indoctrinated would feel it. 

But small steps granted them only victories throughout history. I am sure that bills are 100% genuine and The North American Union will happen. We have the European Union, we will have the Northern American Union.

Their final financial goal is: one world electronic currency. This brings them one step closer to this goal!

But in order for the Amero to come forward, the US Dollar must collapse. And it will probably happen.

Under the Pyramid it’s written in Latin: “Novus Ordo Mundi”, which means “The New World Order”. The bankers are so arrogant that they will add their own faces on the Amero. 

And even more daring in my opinion is that on the back of the 1 Amero/Dollar bill is a picture with some of the leading banking figures and above the picture it’s written: “United We Stand”.

This is almost like saying: “We are united against you and you are our slaves. We OWN you!”

The Great Depression:

Senator Ron Paul about the North American Union:

I’m passing forward this advice from someone I know from Europe:

“If I were a US citizen, I would change my money in Euro or Swiss Francs (CHF) and move my deposits in a European Bank, preferably in Switzerland”.