Activation: Power of Creation

Activation: Power of Creation

This Full Moon – February 19

This full moon, we will receive activation.

Our mission is to reinforce and amplify the crystalline matrix in  those specific geographical areas that continue to experience great strife and suffering upon our planet. We will join and strengthen the pathways of light… so that that the incoming streams of Sacred Fire may more greatly liberate the bondage of misqualified energy and the existing extremes of polarized nature. Our powerful nexus of energy will be the cohesive force of love that will further activate the grid connections in these areas so that the higher frequencies of peace, love and goodwill bring upliftment to the people, the lands and all life.
We invite all Planetary Light Servers to sponsor a certain geographical region in which to help establish a stronger pathway of love and light. You may choose any area upon the earth that remains in great density of consciousness, warring, conflict and suffering.

Click the above circle to activate it and begin your meditation in a deep state of love and balance.