Building our Electronic Ring – The Mantle of Invincibility

As we move about in the outer world, it has become quite tangibly evident that monumental change is taking place. All life everywhere is being dramatically affected by the incoming streams of transforming cosmic light. 

As the Earth and Humanity passes through this time of growing challenge, we, as the Planetary Light Servers, are depended upon to hold high levels of peace and harmony so that we may be used (without limit) in invoking and sometimes directing God qualified energy to assist our planet to make as smooth passage as possible. 

Many of us can attest to the discipline required in holding a grounded center especially when required to travel within the increasing wobble of the outer world and its enormity of escalating energetic interference. 

Due to the growing requests for assistance from family members, especially as this concerns mental and emotional stability, we feel that it is in the highest Divine Order to place immediate focus upon the building of our field of protection to unleashing negative thought forms and any chaotic discordance. 

During this New Moon cycle, we are remembering that it is… through our own consciousness… that holds the master control to accept, transmute and/or redirect, if necessary, any and all disturbing energy that we meet.

Charging and Expanding our Electronic Ring

Through the power of our attention, we are greatly inspired to begin consciously building our personal mantle of INVINCIBILITY, a shield of pure God essence and radiation around us. Once firmly re-established, this luminous, spherical field of influence instantaneously short-circuits any disturbing energy entering into our personal space.

The Electronic Ring is a highly charged, electronic emittance of perfection that we constantly maintain and charge with the impenetrable Sacred Fire as we go forward into advanced planetary service. It is where the potent Platinum Cosmic Light and all of the planetary rainbow rays can be stored and become available for our spontaneous use. 

The Vehicle of the I AM Radiation

This miracle influencing, protective ring of fire holds the wellspring of Divine Power as transferred into the four lower bodies by the I AM Presence. Surrounding the flesh body, this a personal atmospheric space of tremendous radiation that expands and expands, always furthering its reach and influence as our momentum in service builds.

It is how the great Avatars of the Earth were able to affect the multitudes through their personal energy field alone. This same momentum is how the Ascended Masters and other cosmic beings can now come to many of us, simultaneously, while also tending to their other cosmic services. This same type of charged electronic belt exists around stars, suns and globular systems holding each celestial body in Divine Perfection.

It used to be that all humans naturally radiated a very large field of luminous light substance reflective of their own God Presence. As the evolution of the human race fell to extremely low levels of density, this electronic circle ripped and became severely weakened. Those of us who often feel influenced, bombarded and fatigued by opposing forces do not have the needed reinforcement within the intimacy of a personal and highly charged electronic field of energy.

Each and every one of us can greatly benefit from a determined focus to build this electronic rainbow-rayed mantle while strengthening our level of invincibility to the outer world.

Invincibility expands our Field of Influence

Electronic light substance always responds to the creative power of thoughts and feelings as wielded by an intelligent consciousness. As this electronic sphere of radiation is consistently charged and qualified through our conscious attention and invocation, our Great God Self can more fully descend and its powers transferred for our greater use in advanced levels of planetary service.

As we draw more and more of this electronic light around us, we create an impenetrable ring of influence on the 3rd dimensional plane that is absolutely invaluable to the Spiritual Hierarchy in their service through us as the Divine Conduits. When there is a call that we make or a transmission of energy that is intended, the light that we release can become like a love bolt of penetrating energy. This influence will blaze forth in answer to our call out of a reservoir of the Sacred Fire that has built up within our field of radiation.

Harmony advances our Planetary Service

The degree of our soul’s evolution determines the intensity of the rays of radiation that pass from us. The more expanded we are in consciousness, the greater is the area covered by our outgoing energy waves. Likewise, the more expanded we become, the greater our responsibility to selflessly serve from the ever increasing circumference of our Electronic Ring.

It is very important to realize that, as we begin to build our radiation to affect a much greater part of life… absolute harmony, peace, poise, serenity, kindliness, tolerance, understanding, love and gentleness must be expressed without waiver. The repercussion from the slightest imperfection upon the Law of Harmony is much greater when our energy field is expanded to such a large extent due to its causatory effect.

It cannot be emphasized enough the need for all of us to maintain an undisturbed state of harmonious expression for it is through a poised sphere of influence that greatly assists the endeavors of the Divine Plan to raise and redeem our planet and the human race.

The Planetary Crystalline Grid and Rainbow Aura of the New Earth 

This is representative of the Christ energy as the star shines in rainbow hues to annoint the fledgling “new” planet into resonance with Divine Dispensation. This is the Birth of the Universe of the 5th Creation.

The Geometry of the Octahedron which activates the fusion of the spiritual with the physical, bringing a perfection of balance with all planes and dimension. We are placed inside a matrix of octahedrons during the Electronic Ring activation.

Source: Children of the Sun;