Dacian Symbols for Meditation / Spiritual History Lesson

The following symbols belong to -probably- the last people on Earth to have spiritual schools and true spiritual knowledge: the Dacians.

This small sanctuary was carved directly into the mountain and recently received the name: “The Altar of Fate” and it’s located in the lands were the Dacians established later. Archaeologists speculate to be about 7,000 years old:
The Yin & Yang symbol inside the hexagram (Male & Female energy inside the Spiritual Vehicle, Merkaba) is proof that this small sanctuary was used for spiritual meditation.
If the person who was meditating here had both energies in the same body and the spiritual vehicle activated, then he was already one with God’s energy, but in a human body.
Bellow, Dacian bread models:
I will also attach a picture with the “Tartaria tablets”, dated to be about 6,500 – 7,000 years old. This makes them the first writing in the world yet discovered:
May the signs on it be zodiacal depictions?
If some of you receive more information or visions during meditation, please send me an email and tell me everything about them.
I will also attach the “Dacian war dragon”, a serpent with wolf head that was used (from my information) as energy collector and psychotronic weapon. The romans felt its strength and effects in combat and were so impressed by it that forever immortalized it on Trajan’s Column and gave it the name Draco. (Yes, the same as “Draco Constellation”, from where the Alpha Draconis reptilian race came from). I want to remember you that the Dacians protected themselves against the reptilians by wearing enchanted jewelry with reptilian shape. (Please read this article -especially from the second chapter- to learn more about the Dacians: ).
And a monument dedicated to the Dacian wars (the Dacians fought in love, only to protect the last spiritual schools on Earth. Their leaders were in constant contact to the Supreme Creator and their actions were the Creation’s will. The wolf head represented Zalmoxis/Zamolxis, a Tracian leader that reached a very high spiritual level and remained afterwards in Earth’s service. Those highly spiritual were able to connect to his energy in meditation):
While running on a horse’s back, the air entered through the wolf’s mouth and produced a powerful sound while exiting from special designed holes. Draco was made from copper, the metal with the highest vibration and the closest to love’s vibration.
It is highly indicated for you to wear ONLY copper jewelry. Any other metals interfere with our energetic bodies. Before closing your bracelet or necklace, enchanted it with protection and love. There is no negative vibration able to penetrate love’s protective aura.
And two sculptures representing Decebal, a Dacian leader:
Anything received in meditation, is highly appreciated. Thank you!
Love and Light in your lives!