Fluoride Truth Hits The Tv In Australia

Fluoride truth hits the TV in Australia

8 of the top 10 WORST CITIES FOR TEETH are fluoridated. The November 2010 issue of Men’s Health magazine identified the following 10 cities for WORST TEETH:
1. St. Louis – Fluoridated since 1963
2. Philadelphia – Fluoridated since 1954
3. Newark (NJ) – Not fluoridated
4. Baltimore (MD) -Fluoridated
5. New Orleans (LA) – Fluoridated since 1974
6. Jackson, Mississippi – Fluoridated since 1969
7. Jersey City, New Jersey – Not fluoridated
8. Milwaukee (WI) – Fluoridated since 1953
9. Kansas City (MO) – Fluoridated since 1981
10. Dallas (TX) – Fluoridated since 1966

(Because fluoride it’s a poison that has nothing to do with teeth…it’s a pineal gland inhibitor and we have been deceived that is good for our teeth in order to assimilate it through the sensitive gums, directly into the blood flow, very close to the brain – where the pineal gland is located. Also, fluoride blocks calcium assimilation, which has a NEGATIVE effect on teeth, fingernails and bones).

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