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Fukushima Power Plant Seen From Helicopter! Things May Be Worst Than Imagined!

The reactors seem to be completely destroyed. Keep in mind that nuclear radiations are invisible killers:

Bellow it’s a picture with the damaged reactor from Chernobyl:

Even though this doesn’t look like much, this explosion had disastrous consequences:

This explosion made the city of Pripyat to become a ghost town.

All 336,000 citizens were “relocated” and 25 years later pockets of radiation are still present in the surrounding area. Nobody returned!

The real number of casualties is hard to estimate, but some say that (in time) the Chernobyl disaster took the lives of up to 1 million people. The Japan nuclear plant had more radioactive wastes, so this disaster may be even worst! 

World Destructive Events:

Please, don’t trust the Governments and take care of yourselves the best you can! They would never admit the real extent of this disaster!
Love and light in your lives!