Increasing Seismic Activity West USA: Section of California’s Highway 1 Fells Into the Ocean!

Increasing seismic activity in West USA:


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MONTEREY, California
A two-mile section of Highway 1 at Rocky Point will continue to be closed after a 40-foot section of the roadway fell into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday night, transportation officials said.

Highway 1 north of Big Sur from Bixby Creek Bridge to Palo Colorado Road south of Carmel will remain closed to all travelers, according to the California Department of Transportation. Officials said it will be at least a month until a temporary repair can be made. CAL-TRANS officials said the highway broke off just south of the Rocky Creek Bridge.

All businesses in the Big Sur area remain open. CAL-TRANS recommended highways 101, 68 and 46 as alternate routes. Shortly after the road collapsed, emergency crews said not even CAL-TRANS vehicles were being allowed near the washed-out section of road because it was so dangerous. Employees at the Rocky Point Restaurant said tourists were temporarily stuck at the restaurant shortly after the collapse and that they believed the road had been falling into the ocean for most of the day.
Workers said they heard from tourists who said they drove across a depression in the road, causing it to become deeper. (http://www.ksbw.com)

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