Our Ancestors: 2 Suns In Our Solar System .mp4

Our Ancestors: 2 Suns in our Solar System

Intro: All my studies show that our ancestors knew about space much more than we know today. In fact, our moder science is barely rediscovering what they wrote or depicted thousands or tens of thousands of years ago. And our modern science confirms that they were right about everything!

Please watch this 7 minutes video that explains our ancestors’ believes, that our solar system is a binary solar system (it has 2 Suns). The second Sun may be Nibiru (a dark star) or Sirius A:

But have you ever thought that in fact WE ARE OUR OWN ANCESTORS? We knew everything in our previous incarnations and now all we have to do is remember. We have to reconnect to our source and remember everything we once knew.

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