Radiation Alert in Alabama: 1 Hour of Measurements!

At 5:26 AM, the website RadiationNetwork.com was showing in Alabama radiation readings above the alert level, of 100 CPM!

I’ve watched the readings for an hour, until the device went offline (reading 0).

The readings are as follows 3.28.2011:

(Radiation Alert above 100 CPM)!

5:26 AM – 105 CPM
5:28 – 107
5:30 – 113
5:33 – 149
5:38 – 127
5:43 – 136
5:44 – 128
5:46 – 137
5:48 – 139
5:50 – 141
5:52 – 146
5:57 – 143

After 6:00 AM, the readings are higher:
6:01 – 160
6:02 – 167
~6:05 (hour & date glitch) – 174 (the highest reading)
6:11 – 140
6:14 – 165
6:18 – 163
6:25 – 165
6:26 – 159

Device offline, suddenly showing 0!

Here are the PrintScreens:

Recently, the radiation detector in Alabama went offline. It’s showing 0 readings:

I cannot guarantee if the readings are accurate or not. Check the website yourself: www.RadiationNetwork.com

Only Alabama? Well, the only radiation detector in that area is in Alabama, but above 100 CPM radiation levels could also be present in:

– Mississippi;
– Georgia (especially Atlanta);
– Arkansas;
– Tennessee;
– Kentucky;
– South Carolina;

I repeat, it may be a false alarm, but please take notice and protect yourself. Try to stay inside, do not allow rain to touch your skin & wear a face mask. Love and health!

P.S. 07:05AM, the device is back online, showing normal readings: 30-40 CPM.

P.S. 2 : Learn how to protect yourself from radiation exposure:
1. Old Article (Last Chapter);
2. Natural Remedies;

Please print them both and stay informed. Nothing to worry about… just in case.

3.29.2011 UPDATE

The Alabama radiation detector that registered the above readings yesterday, is not even present on the map anymore.

                                                                         (Click to enlarge)
This is their official response:

“Update: 3/28/11, 8:40 A.M. Here is follow up on the Radiation Alert from this morning. The Monitoring Station in question is located in Huntsville, Alabama. It triggered alerts based on radiation levels averaging in the 100 to 150 CPM range. We tried to reach the station through a number of different means, including via the Chat forum available from within the Radiation Network, but to no avail. So after a half hour or so, we contacted the Huntsville Fire Department and recommended they take independent radiation readings in the vicinity of the Monitoring Station. 

After all, Huntsville, AL is located about 30 miles from two different nuclear power plants, so we had to take this alert seriously. Fortunately, their readings showed no elevated radiation levels above normal background. After some time, radiation levels from the Monitoring Station in question dropped first to 0, then resumed at normal levels. But still receiving no response from the station, we disabled it, essentially removing it from the Radiation Network.  We want to thank the Huntsville Fire Department for their timely support in this matter. I will write more on this incident later.” (http://radiationnetwork.com/Message.htm)

So they the radiation detector dropped to 0 (Zero) by its own after reading for 1 hour+ radiation in that area? Then it suddenly resumed and begun reading normal levels?

Later, because they haven’t received any response from the station, they disable it! I don’t buy this at all! If someone told them to unplug the radiation detector would they tell us?

Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;