RT News: “Nuclear Cover-Up! Fukushima comparable to Chernobyl disaster” / Radiation in the US admitted: 3300% Above Standard!

I. RT News articles and video reports

Picture released by Greenpeace – taken on March 27, 2011 shows a Greenpeace team member holding a Geiger counter displaying radiation levels of 7.66 micro Sievert per hour in Iitate city, Fukushima.

“Nuclear Cover-up! Fukushima plutonium leak comparable to Chernobyl disaster”

Japanese government is considering the construction of a containment shell at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. It would be aimed at averting further radiation leaks in a crisis that is still described as ‘grave’. The plan would involve the three most badly damaged reactors being covered with hi-tech material. The level of radiation measured in sea water near the site, is now said to be around three and a half thousand times higher than normal. Workers have been unsuccessfully trying to restore the cooling system at the facility, in what is now the worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl. RT spoke to nuclear energy expert Lars Polmeier, who says there are parallels with that disaster 25 years ago.

State of alert raised to highest level at Fukushima
Edited: 30 March, 2011, 07:52 (RT News)

The Japanese government has raised the state of alert level at the Fukushima-1 nuclear plant to the maximum. The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan addressed the nation, saying the situation remains “unpredictable”. Yukio Edano, Chief cabinet secretary, also added that the government is taking all measures to prevent disaster. “We should not let the uranium bars melt further,” said Edano. However, the government has already admitted on Tuesday that the nuclear fuel bars had partly melted. That is also confirmed by the appearance of the plutonium discovered at the station on Monday.

The country’s nuclear safety agency said Tuesday that radioactive water had filled the bends in the plant’s drainage pipe but said it had not got into the sea. However, earlier reports showed the level of radiation in the sea nearby the station to be 1,150 higher than normal. Highly radioactive water was discovered outside the reactor containment several days ago. According to the preliminary data, the water had leaked from reactor 2. As Yukio Edano put it, “radiation, apparently, comes from the nuclear bars that have partly melted and have got into contact with water used for cooling the reactor”.

The plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. amended its earlier report, saying the level of radiation in the water at reactor 2 was 100,000 times higher than usual as opposed to an earlier number of 10 million. At the moment, repair works at the plant continue, although they are impeded by the high level of radiation. Nineteen rescue workers have already got a high dose of radiation. On Monday one of the rescue workers told the media the operation is not going as planned. 

The operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company, has already asked French and American specialists for help. The cooling system failed at Fukushima-1 following an earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan on March 11. According to recently released official data, 11,063 people were killed by the earthquake and tsunami, and 17,258 are still missing. At least 18,000 homes were destroyed and over 130,000 damaged.

Plutonium is a very dangerous and harmful substance,” said Lars Pohlmeier from International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. “Even in small quantities, plutonium, if ingested by the human body, almost certainly leads to the development of cancer. There is no concept for how to monitor and how to store the radioactive fuel, which will radiate for many, many thousands of years. According to the information provided by the IAEA last week, already a significant amount of radioactive substances such as Iodine 131 and Cesium 137 will be released; it might lead to a situation where we might compare Chernobyl and Fukushima if it comes to the release of the radioactive substances. Plus, at this time there is a danger of a release of plutonium.

II. Radiation verified in the USA:  and Jetstream FORECAST UPDATE – March 30, 2011
Video by YouTubber “dutchsinse”:

Even FoxNews admits that radiation has been detected in large areas of USA. They continue to say it’s safe, but I don’t buy it! Please, take precaution (links bellow):
dutchsinse: “The levels are “mid” and “low” range at surface, 2500m, and 5000m … for gasses NOT detectable by radiation detectors. Surface levels and high level clouds of Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Xenon 133, have reached the United States, showing up in 13 different states rain water,  according to Fox News.

Surface levels and high level clouds of Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Xenon 133, have reached the United States .. showing up in 13 different states rain water according to fox news. This is undeniable, and proved. Now the debate becomes “how much is bad”…lets just say there are no good amounts of Cesium, Iodine-131, or Xenon – 133.”

Monday, March 28, 2011 I’ve posted an article entitled “Radiation Alert in Alabama: 1 Hour of Measurements!” <- click to read.
A radiation detector reached the ALERT level while I was checking the numbers. For over one hour the device showed radiation readings above the danger level, then suddenly was unplugged showing 0 (zero). Aprox. 30 minutes later it resumed at “normal levels, but still received no response from the station”. The detector was removed from the Radiation Network. The weather radar was showing rainfall, but I had to wait 12+ hours before a Facebook friend gave me the confirmation that AL had seen rain that morning.
Correlating this article with the above report from our “friends”, Fox News, radiation was registered during rainfall. Even though on their map Alabama is not listed, the radiation sensor was triggered and I am sure that danger level radiation was brought down by rain in that area.

Radioactive Iodine-131 in Pennsylvania rainwater sample is 3300% above federal drinking water standard!
Governor Corbett Says Public Water Supply Testing Finds No Risk to Public From Radioactivity Found in Rainwater: “Rainwater is not typically directly consumed,” Corbett said. “However, people might get alarmed by making what would be an inappropriate connection from rainwater to drinking water.”
This is one of THE MOST RIDICULOUS STATEMENTS I’ve ever read!
This water is touching our skin (being absorbed into it), is infiltrating the ground – where food is grown, is being absorbed into grass – grazed by animals. And who is going to stop the rain from falling into rivers, seas and oceans? Isn’t US one of the largest fish consumers on the planet?

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