Amazing Evidence: The Human Species is Hundreds of Millions of Years Old!

(German) The terms ‘forbidden history’ and ‘forbidden archaeology’ are encountered more and more often, from newspapers all over the planet to online articles and more recently in TV programs! Both terms originated from the unhappy archaeologists who witnessed their discoveries being ignored or truncated to fit the official lies. Today, I want to present you another chapter of our Forbidden History: The true age of the human species. Please relax and enjoy!

I. Have We Really Evolved from Primates?
II. How Old is The Human Species?

I. Have We Really Evolved from Primates?

1. The official story states that humans evolved in time from primates and made two sudden evolutionary leaps: the first about 450,000 years ago and the second one about 200,000 years ago, becoming Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Latin for ‘wise man’ or ‘knowing man’), the modern human.

But there are a lot of issues regarding this theory and geneticists from all over the planet argue that evolution doesn’t work this way. For such major changes to occur, evolution needs at least millions or even billions of years, while the official version is trying to convince us that we basically evolved ‘over night’.

One of the most ‘vocal’ critics of this theory is author and researcher Lloyd Pye, who wrote the famous nonfictional book ‘Everything you know is Wrong‘.

2. No matter if humans evolved from apes or not, the evolutionary process needed billions of years – no doubts about it! But are we really so similar to apes?

Well, humans are similar to apes, but also very similar to dolphins (and other animals). In fact, we are so similar to dolphins that a new theory emerged, stating that chimps and dolphins had a common ancestor about 5 million years ago.

But for me, this is just another theory that I don’t agree with and you will see why in the following chapter.

II. How Old is The Human Species?

The oldest Official human footprints are 1,5 millions years old!

This discovery proves that humans with modern anatomy walked on two legs about 1,5 million years ago.

According to National Geographic News (February 26, 2009),

‘About 1.5 million years ago, human ancestors walked upright with a spring in their steps just as modern humans do today, suggests an analysis of ancient footprints found in northern Kenya.

The ancient footprints indicate a rounded heel, pronounced arch, and a big toe parallel to the other toes just as modern humans have, Harris noted. The big toes of chimpanzees, by contrast, splay outward, which is useful for grasping branches.

“We’ve lost that, but what we’ve created is a platform from which we can step up on and balance ourselves on and push off on in bipedal locomotion,” said Harris, who is a co-author of a paper describing the footprints in tomorrow’s issue of the journal Science.”

Unfortunately for us, the official story places back then a species called Homo Erectus, the first humans ever to stand on two legs.

Ok, so this is how far back the official story is able to go. Every footprint or bone older than 1,5 – 1,7 million years, having the characteristics of a modern human, cannot be officially accepted because we should have been some kind of apes back then.

Evidence of Modern Humans Older than the ‘Official 1,7 Million Years Old Threshold’

1. The 3 to 4 Million Years Old ‘Castenedolo Skull’ of Italy

“This anatomically modern human skull (Sergi 1884, plate 1) was found in 1880 at Castenedolo, Italy. The stratum from which it was taken is assigned to the Astian stage of the Pliocene (Oakley 1980, p. 46). According to modern authorities (Harland et al, 1982, p. 110), the Astian belongs to the Middle Pliocene, wihch would give the skull an age of 3-4 million years.”

2. The 145 – 195 Million Years Old Footprints of Turkmenistan – Jurassic Period

“Reports of human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints found in Turkmenistan are made in Russian papers in the early 1980s. Because Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union at the time the reports were controlled by the government. Once Turkmenistan became an independent nation Turkmenistan scientists began researching the prints.

They discovered that some of the footprints found in rocks of the Jurassic Period were human in origin. They invited Dr. Dennis Swift from the US to investigate the prints. Dr. Swift also concluded that the prints were human. In addition, many goat tracks, made from goats still existing in the area, were also found in the same Jurassic rock formations.”

The Jurassic period was approximately 195 to 145 million years ago. Obviously, there should be neither goat or human tracks from this period.

3. The 205 – 250 Million Years Old Human Shoe Print of Nevada – Triassic Period

“An amateur geologist discovered a fossilized imprint of a shoe complete with thread marks and broken heel in Fisher Canyon, Pershing County, Nevada.

On October 8, 1922, the American Weekly section of the New York Sunday American ran a prominent feature titled “Mystery of the Petrified ‘Shoe Sole,’ by Dr. W. H. Ballou. Ballou wrote:

‘Some time ago, while he was prospecting for fossils in Nevada, John T. Reid, a distinguished mining engineer and geologist, stopped suddenly and looked down in utter bewilderment and amazement at a rock near his feet. For there, a part of the rock itself, was what seemed to be a human footprint! Closer inspection showed that it was not a mark of a naked foot, but was, apparently, a shoe sole which had been turned into stone.

The forepart was missing. But there was the outline of at least two-thirds of it, and around this outline ran a well-defined sewn thread which had, it appeared, attached the welt to the sole. Further on was another line of sewing, and in the center, where the foot would have rested had the object really been a shoe sole, there was an indentation, exactly such as would have been made by the bone of the heel rubbing upon and wearing down the material of which the sole had been made. Thus was found a fossil which is the foremost mystery of science today. For the rock in which it was found is at least 5 million years old.’

The print was inspected by geologists and admitted that the print is authentic and the rock is from the Triasic Period (205 – 250 million years ago). The threads of the print have been examined under a microscope and the twisted threads are visible.”

We have evidence, once again, that man existed more than 200 million years ago.

4. The Human & Dinosaur Footprints of Texas

“In our other section “Dinosaurs”, we presented the interesting evidence that primitive man correctly knew what dinosaurs looked like (cave paintings) and even their behavior. Combine with the below information regarding some dinosaur and human footprints that were found together and it certainly casts doubt on the official scientific theory that man and dinosaur did not ever coexist.

Glen Rose, TX

On the banks of the Paluxy River, in Glen Rose TX, a flood exposed rock with thousands of footprints- both dinosaur and human together, aside, and overlapping.

The following texts and pics are courtesy of the University of Vienna, on the Paluxy River (in Glen Rose, Texas) footprints:

“The Paluxy River runs through Glen Rose, Texas. At the bottom of this river, there are thousands of layers of limestone. There was a bad flood in 1908 that ripped off 2 feet of solid rock. This rock was carried 20 miles downstream. This exposed thousands of dinosaur footprints. There were so many footprints that they decided to make the area into a State Park (Dinosaur Valley State Park). Many of the footprints were put into museums in order to be preserved, but there are still many there today.

Many human footprints were also found. Sometimes the human tracks were next to the dinosaur tracks. Several human footprints were found inside of the dinosaur footprints and some dinosaur footprints were found on top of the human footprints. The human strides were perfect.

Excavation of tracks show a compressed layer pattern underneath as one would expect if they are genuine. A professor of medicine from the Unversity of Illinois examined the tracks and was convinced that they were genuine (CRSQ, 1970, 7:3, p.142; 1970, 7:4, p.246; Ryals, undated).”

5. The 280 Million Years Old Human ‘Coal Skull’

One of the most recent, and best validated, case was that of Mr. Ed Conrad’s skull in coal. In 1981, Mr. Ed Conrad of Shenandoah, discovered a large object between anthracite veins, which bore a dramatic resemblance to a large anthropoid skull. He arranged a meeting with the Smithsonian during which their specialist merely looked at it, and without any scientific testing at all, declared it a “concretion”- despite the fact that the the only authoritative manner of determining whether an object is bone is by examining its cellular structure.

Later, Mr. Conrad dug into the skull, and found a sizeable cavity inside the “jaw”. After that portion was broken off, he discovered that the interior contained a pair of hardened inclusions on what resembled a dental arch. Mr. Conrad took a photo and forwarded it to Wilton Krogman, author of “The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine” and one of the world’s foremost human comparative anatomists. Krogman excitedly identified it as a premolar tooth, explaining that he could easily see that it possesses a pair of cusps.

Further, on this and another specimen he found, he removed some granules from the rind of the object. Why? Bone contains minuscule Haversian canals and their presence is the conclusive evidence of bone, even if the bone had petrified. This scientific fact appears in the book, “Science in Archaeology,” which states that neither age nor the petrification process can remove what are known as Haversian canals, an integral part of the cell structure of bone.

Since the Haversian canals are actually passageways for nutrients to living bone, even the process of petrification cannot displace them because, as tiny tunnels, there was nothing there to begin with. Not surprisingly, Mr. Conrad’s microscopic examination revealed the presence of “pinholes” in the thinnest pieces, virtually identical to cadaver bone at the same low magnification.

Mr. Conrad then had the infrared scan interpreted by a surgeon/medical doctor in Northeastern Pennsylvania, who determined that “The scan identifies your material as compatible with either tooth or bone in origin”.

Per Mr. Conrad, further testing has been performed:
1. American Medical Laboratories in Chantilly, Va., (considered the world’s foremost medical lab), performed testing using Calculus Analysis by Crystallography and identified dried blood, protein and/or crystals of calcium oxalate dihydrate.

2. Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., (considered the world’s foremost facility for primate research), had what an official described as its most knowledgeable expert perform testing on one of my specimens. Dr. Jeremy Dahl identified the specimen as “fossilized bone.”

As if this wasn’t enough, a comprehensive analysis was conducted by a Taiwanese scientist Lin Liangtai, who states it is a human skull beyond doubt:

The author has examined through microscopes more than 30 thin sections cut from “rocks” that Mr. Ed Conrad discovered and sent to the author. Without exception, they are all found to be fossils, including the subject “calvarium fossil”. The object is a Carboniferous human calvarium fossil for the following reasons:

(1) its computed-tomography images bear close resemlance to those of a calvarium;

(2) it contains fossilized osteocytes, Haversian canals, osteons, red blood cells and various blood vessels in the specimens and thin sections;

(3) it contains remains of neurons and neuroglial cells that exist only in the central nervous system;

(4) No other animal has an organ or body part that matches its inner/outer shape and size;

(5) Its inner cavity has a capacity of at least 1,025 cc.;

(6) It was found between coal veins near Mahanoy, (City). Pennsylvania, where geological structure has been dated to be around 300 million years old. Some of the fossil’s blood vessels have turned into coal, suggesting it once existed in a coal region.

In addition to the subject fossil, there are at least two other pieces of evidence for human existence in the Carboniferous age.

The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive – the object found is a human skull – one from approximately 280 million years ago (130 million years before the first birds appeared on Earth).”

6. The 260 – 600 million years old Human Shoe Print of Utah – Before Animals Existed

Before presenting you the article, I want to remind you that 600 million years ago, only ‘simple animals’ existed and only 50 million years later, more complex animals emerged.

“Current evolutionary theory is being challenged as the world’s leading archaeologists make ground-breaking discoveries. Professional and amateur archaeologists are moving forward and subsequently casting doubts on the widely accepted theory of evolution. Hominid fossils and fossil imprints of past geologic ages have been discovered worldwide that could revolutionize modern theories about humans’ evolution. Such finds should invite reconsideration of theories that relate to the history of human development.

William J. Meister, an American who was an avid amateur fossil collector, made an astounding find on June 1, 1968. In Antelope Springs, about 43 miles northwest of Delta, Utah, in a fossil rich site, Meister found a large piece of rock with a human footprint. 

The footprint however, appears to be made by a sandal. The sandal measured 10 inches (or approximately 26 cm) in length, with the sole showing a width of 3 inches (or 8.9 cm) and the heel a width of 3 inches (or 7.6 cm). The heel appeared to be approximately 1/8 of an inch thick (or 1.7 cm). Amazingly, he also found trilobites right in the footprint.

Please note that trilobites were small marine creatures that existed between 260 and 600 million years ago, which is an indication that this discovery was of value with respect to the prehistoric origins of human life. This finding may very well disprove the evolutionary theory that is prevalent today.

Comparing this find with today’s footwear we can conceptualize a certain degree of sophistication in a civilization that may have existed as long as 600 million years ago.

The true implications of this finding are definitely hard to comprehend. Shouldn’t modern historians subsequently reconsider modern day’s theory of evolution? Don’t such findings suggest an alternative path of human development?”


Personally, I have no doubt that the human species is very-very old on Earth. This article brings evidence that humans were here long before dinosaurs (at least 30 – 400 million years before, according to the final chapter), long before any animals or birds existed. The humans had later co-existed with them all.

I also have no doubt that extraterrestrial species interfered in our evolution. All major ancient civilizations tell stories of aliens who came to Earth and taught them everything they knew (and they knew a lot; they were better than we are today in: astronomy and constructions and at least as good as we are in many other fields).

The Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayas, Incas, American Indians, Asian Indians, African tribes, Egyptians, the first Asians, etc., ALL have written or spoken history regarding extraterrestrials and their intervention in our evolution. (Click HERE and read the final chapter).

Even though these civilizations were so far apart from each other (in both time and space), their creation stories are strikingly similar. Our true history, which is not being taught in schools, is filled with accounts of extraterrestrials coming down to Earth and genetically upgrading us into a better species. 

The African oral history states that the humans were not allowed to depict their so called ‘creators’ in their TRUE FORM. Those breaking this rule were taken away by the creators, never to be returned. So, our genetically modified ancestors depicted the aliens in different, but clearly non-human, shapes.

We were able to find out of their true appearance from the spoken legends, and especially from the written texts and small sculptures that escaped the vigilance of our colonizers.

Example of sculptures depicting the ET colonizers

Apparently this extraterrestrial species was serpent / dragon / reptilian in aspect. They stood on two legs, just like us, but their skin was covered in scales. They were 2,5 – 3 meters tall and pretty aggressive. Basically, they were ruthless warriors.

Even though the stories are very hard to believe at first, I can guarantee their accuracy after years of thorough documentation regarding our true history. Actually, my entire blog revolves around the ‘Human History’ and ‘Reptilians’ sections, where I am trying to uncover our true origins.

The Mayas and Aztecs, for example, tell the story of their creator gods, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl (both names meaning ‘Feathered Serpent’), which came to Earth in a ship from the Pleiades constellation, taught the Mesoamericans great knowledge and then went back to the stars. This extraterrestrial ‘god’ could take both human and serpent/reptilian shape (or it’s something we still don’t quite understand). In fact, even America’s name derives from the Peruvian name Amaruca, meaning ‘The Land of the Feathered Serpents’.

The Egyptians tell the story of Ra’s arrival to Earth, from the Pleiades constellation, and even left us several depictions showing Ra landing with an UFO, then descending to his underground base, located beneath the Sphinx. Please notice that all Egyptian pharaohs are depicted in both human and non-human form. When they are shown in human form, they are always depicted with a serpent coming out of their third eye (middle of the forehead). This apparently attested their serpent extraterrestrial origin.

Fragment from an Egyptian papyrus depicting Ra’s arrival on Earth, in a well-known flying disc (UFO)

The Asian Indians tell the story of extraterrestrial beings who came to Earth in flying ships and gave knowledge to humans. Later, they waged atomic wars against each other and left for the stars, never to return.

The Chinese and Japanese ancient cultures told the stories of an extraterrestrial ‘dragon race’, which came from the stars and gave birth to alien-human hybrids. After the ETs left our planet, their son hybrids demanded their right to be rulers due to their ‘dragon origins’.

But the most interesting evidence of extraterrestrial interference in our evolution comes from the Sumerian tablets, stored in UK and translated by some very dedicated historians.

Both the Sumerians and the Babylonians tell the story of extraterrestrials coming to Earth in search of a metal they greatly needed on their home planets: gold. (Click HERE and read the final chapter, entitled: Gold Mining – How Long Ago?)

The aliens established bases in the richest areas in gold, GENETICALLY MODIFIED humans and used them as gold miners.

Where humans genetically upgraded by the visitors?

The Sumerians and Babylonians left us their entire history written on clay tablets. According to our official history, the Sumerians were the first modern humans. But you will be amazed to know how well organised they were and how vast their knowledge was!

Not only they were using an alphabet, but it was more complex than ours. They also knew mathematics and astronomy (they knew back then how many planets we have in our solar system, their colors, shapes and sizes). They were organized in huge cities under the rule of extraterrestrial beings. The ETs were both their masters and their teachers. The aliens told the Sumerians the story of their arrival on Earth, about 450,000 ago.

And now, here is the GREATEST SCAM of our history!

The aliens told the humans the story of our Creation, presenting themselves as our creators. In their own words, they had combined our DNA with DNA from an ape, making the human species far better than it used to be. In their stories we were inferior beings and thanks to their genetic modifications we became an ‘upgraded’ species. Later on, they have upgraded us even further, by combining our DNA with their own.

What a LIE, what a Great Deception!

The extraterrestrials interfered in our evolution, but instead of upgrading us, they had DOWNGRADED us, into a lesser species. The latest breakthroughs in modern genetics suggest that the human species had 12 DNA strands, and at some point in our evolution they had been reduced to only two and also blocked them from redeveloping.

The great news is that some of the human bodies have recently regained the capability of DNA reconstruction. The human DNA is mutating as we speak, upgrading itself (we will have 12 strands once again).

Through genetic manipulation, the reptilian extraterrestrials ‘gave’ us a portion of THEIR brain through genetic modification, further altering our species. That portion of the brain is known by the modern medicine as the ‘reptilian brain’, because is very similar to the brain found in all reptiles. The reptilian brain is the source of all negativity: fear, hatred, revenge, etc.

Also, recent studies suggest that the DNA strands act like antennas, connecting our energetic bodies to the Universe/Creation. Redeveloping our lost DNA strands, will grant us access to our past life memories. We will remember who we truly are and our connection to each other and to the Source will become powerful once again!

The following years will reveal us more and more information regarding our true history and mankind’s origins. Thank you for reading the entire article, and always remember that we are all ONE.


By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;