Easy Experiment: Proof that You are Creating Your Own Reality!

I know this may sound far fetched to you now, but don’t dismiss it instantly! It’s not hard to find out if what I am saying is true! Have a play with your own thoughts and see how it affects your reality! Experiment by dropping EVERY negative thought as soon as it enters your mind!

(i.e You get cut off and nearly have an accident: LET IT GO!! Understand that they didn’t do it with the intention of nearly making you crash…even if they did: LET IT GO!!)

You will most likely find that the Universe/Creation will test your dedication. You will begin to be tested by the insignificant irritations that perturb you in your day to day life. It will happen a few times in a row and if you continue to DROP THE NEGATIVE, you will almost instantly start to see the difference! I promise you it wont be more than a few days!

Watch your luck start to change! You will get a car park right out front of wherever you need to go, people will let you in front of them in lines, you will get exceptional service, etc, etc, etc. Your General feeling of Well-being will RAPIDLY INCREASE! …all you need to do is REMOVE THE NEGATIVE!! 

Don’t be fooled into thinking it is co-incidence either, that’s exactly what your current Subconscious will tell you! The Subconscious will then create more minor testing situations for you, if you continue to DROP THE NEGATIVE at every occurrence after a week or so (at the very most) it will all become smooth sailing!!!

Let me know how it goes!! I promise you will want more!! ☺

Peace, Love and The Light Within All,
By Daniel Lux Lory, HumansAreFree.com;

Alexander: Thank you Lux for this wonderful advice! I want all of you to know that this is indeed true. I was guided to do the same, but for whatever reason I failed to share this with you until now. But the truth will always reach those who need it, as you can see.

My advice is to start manifesting this new way of thinking right now. Drop down all negativity and create a positive experience for you. Indeed, the Creation will test your dedication and desire to achieve positivist by ‘sending’ you various challenges. How will you face them? 

For example, when I meet a challenge my first reaction is to detach myself from the situation. I don’t take anything personally and counter negativity in a calm and loving manner. Now that you have an example, you can find your own way of dealing with negativity.

After you learn how to ‘remove negativity’, start replacing it with positivity, joy, balance and love. Be sure that you accomplished your goal even before starting to work on it. For example, when you start working, thank the Creation that you finished the work and everything was easy, positive and achievable. Or, be sure that you already found a parking space where you need it even before leaving home.

Remember! The past, present and future are all happening at the same time inside the Creation, so be sure that you already achieved your goal before starting to work on it.

Good luck in this wonderful new challenge! I know that all of you already achieved it!

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;