Healing and Positive Energies for the well-being of all Plants and Animals

“Calling all healers, light-workers and EVERYBODY else to spare half hour of your time to mindfully send love, prayers and healing energies in your own way, to the animal and plant species across the planet. 

Many of us are aware of how effective even a 5 minutes of mindful doing can be. It doesn’t matter how you pray or send the energies, it’s the intention that matters. I request you all to kindly participate between Saturday and Sunday, at any time of your convenience (cuz weekends is usually when most of us are free) to send your prayers and healing energies, so all those suffering and even otherwise, may benefit from it. 

This is just the beginning of many such mindful gatherings all over the world; Let me remind you, when we generate love and positive intentions for others, we in-turn deeply benefit from it.

Thank You for your participation 🙂 Kindly invite everyone else, let us all together make this as effective as possible.”

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