High Radiation Levels in Saint Louis Missouri Rain Water

Let us stop pretending that the radiation cloud from Japan is not affecting the USA! Radioactive clouds from the Fukushima reactors are above the US and you must believe all the proofs that I have been presenting for the past weeks.
(The first cloud of nuclear fallout reached the coast of California on 16-17 March).

This message is for those who have eyes and ears to hear and see the truth. Here is the video:

Read my other articles and see the proof with your own eyes:
My intention is not to scare anyone! I live under the same sky and I am not panicked or scared. The radiation levels are not ‘exposure – lethal’, but may provoke cancers in time and other various affections. So please acknowledge the danger and inform everyone you know. Avoid rain water because the skin absorbs water (only small quantities of the water we drink goes to the skin, so the skin is always ‘thirsty’).

Learn how to protect yourself from radiation fallout (and natural remedies for radiation exposure):