Japan in Serious Danger of Sinking! Video Compilation from Central-S Japan!

A compilation of videos from Central-Southern Japan showing incredible ground movement, recently hit the internet:

I have constantly presented evidence that Japan is in serious danger of sinking into the Ocean. The Japanese government is not informing its people of the danger. What we are witnessing is called ‘soil liquefaction’. The 9.0 earthquake from March made the soil very unstable (and behaving like a liquid) allowing ocean water to infiltrate. Personally, I don’t think this process is reversible. If I am right (and I really hope to be wrong), parts of Japan will sink, while in other areas the ocean water will arise forming ‘lakes’.

Japan is also facing the ‘collapse’ of a huge chunk of the Ocean floor, right near it’s Southern shores. This will create gigantic tsunamis that will affect especially Japan, but many other countries (US included). I urge everyone in Japan to leave the country for a while.

ESA presented a satellite map about 2 weeks ago showing the massive ground movements that were taking place since the 9.0 earthquake of March 11:

Read the entire article here:
ESA: Japan is Sinking – Confirmed (?) & Wild Magnetosphere;

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