Project Camelot Interviews Igor Witkowski : The Nazi Bell

Project Camelot & The Nazi Bell

Igor Witkowski and the Nazi Bell:

Published October 2009, Updated July 26 2010

Bill Ryan, Project Camelot:
“I created this preview of our interview as an experiment on the plane returning from Poland. Kerry didn’t like it very much (for reasons I understand), and so it was never published.

The unedited remainder of the interview is less varied and entertaining, consisting of my talking in depth with Igor Witkowski about the enigmatic, super-secret, advanced technology of the ‘Nazi Bell’ (what it may have been, and the clues that have been collected) – and some of the material is quite dry. That hasn’t been published because of data loss following a disk failure, and neither could the preview be re-edited without a significant loss in quality. I think I can put it all back together, but it’ll be a few weeks yet. When ready, it’ll also be published retrospectively in the Camelot site. Enjoy.”