‘Esoteric Kitchen’ and “Hermetic Recipes’ – ‘VeggiesVegans’ Will Host 2 New Sections!

Beloved Friends,

As I promised a while back, will host two more sections: ‘Esoteric Kitchen’ and “Hermetic Recipes’.

This knowledge had never before reached the ‘common’ people. The hermetic secrets were passed on from disciples to students only by words, never in writing.

According to the author of this relatively small book, now we are allowed to access some of these truths and she received the permission to publish this book.

Esoteric Kitchen – Here you will find hermetic cooking secrets. Everything around us is energy and so is food. We will learn special ‘rituals’ that will positively charge up the food, we will learn how to balance ourselves before starting to prepare the recipes and so on.

We will also be taught how to make our cooking tools ‘magical’ (by adding crystals, for example).

Hermetic Recipes – Here we will discover original hermetic recipes: delightful taste and rich in positive energy for the physical body.

Tomorrow I will probably begin the translation. Be sure to Subscribe and receive periodic emails (not more than one spam-free email/day).

In the meanwhile, I want to remember you that I intend buying a .com domain for VeggiesVegans. Any donations, no matter how small, are appreciated. Please do so ONLY if you have something to spare. Otherwise, I refuse to accept them!

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