Let’s illuminate and dream awake!

Dear Family of the Light,

As I am writing this, I am lying on my clearing space in the woods, while butterflies and bumble bees are flying around me. The Spring has began and the energy of new beginnings is here to greet us all! All in Nature has its cycles and so do we Humans. In fact, not only we are just like Nature, we are Nature. We forget that sometimes, and a lot of people have forgotten about this completely.

Some are awakened, many are awakening just now, emerging like the energies of the Spring, and many are yet to be awakened. In these times when all in Nature is emerging and blooming, it’s most beneficial for us to bloom as well. 

To reveal and uncover our true authentic Selves. I would say, first step is awakening to the Love that we are, then we need to balance ourselves and as we do, we let go of all old that no longer serves us.

As we do that, we more easily align with our true Nature, our deep Spiritual Essence. Again, we can use the similarity with the Nature that we are. Trees can’t grow new and fresh leafs, before they get rid of the old dying ones. All in Nature has its cycles of death and rebirth, and so do we, so does Humanity in its evolution of consciousness. 

We have to die many times, so that we may be fully and completely reborn again. So what do you want to die in you? What do you feel it needs to die? Because eventually it will anyway, either you want it or not. As things change, they either transform naturally, or by force, when it’s the natural Divine timing for it. We are at that cycle right now.

That’s why so many trials and tribulations, so many outer and inner conflict. But when we feel we are moving forward, then take a few steps backwards again, that is only an illusion. We are always moving forward, but in a spiral movement.

I know it’s not always easy, I know we all have ‘fear of change’, ‘fear of not being in our comfort zone”‘ and ‘fear of the unknown’ written deep within our cell memory, some deeper than others. But that is not relevant, the crucial thing is being willing and allowing to let go when it’s time to do so. Because otherwise, we are just stopping the natural progression by force. And we all know that force doesn’t work, it never has and it never will.

Nature’s laws are not built by force. It’s just us Humans, who oppose this natural flow because of our fears and lack of real and deep understanding of the Laws of Nature. And since we are Nature, we also lack the understanding of the Laws of our Existence. All in this current reality is changing. Slowly, in cycles, like in Nature. 

I know we sometimes feel that things can happen in Nature rapidly as well, especially when “natural” disasters happen. But again, we are lacking the understanding of it, we do not get a bigger picture, so therefore we lack clarity and truth. All of things, even those that appear to happen rapidly, are the result of a slow building of a certain consciousness, that causes a certain outer effect, when it reaches its peak.

Well, Humanity has reached its peak also, that’s why things only appear to be happening rapidly and without any compromise, but we’ve been progressing to that point in time and space continuum for a long time, for eons and eons. We’ve been building up to this for a long time. Now it’s time to reach the peak, deal with all the consequences of our previous actions up until this point and move on. It’s time to claim back our power as conscious Human Beings and start building a new civilization on the “ruins of the old one”.

Of course our “past” is important, but as everything of the past always is, only to remind us what we’ve already learned and experienced and help to build the new accordingly. The past does not belong to us, the past merely influenced us. As I always love to say about things that were once in my life, in my consciousness at a certain point. 

“This is not me, it’s just a situation I was in to learn and grow, to evolve.” So as we rekindle with our past in these last coming “years, days or seconds”, since the quickening is showing itself already, influencing us and time is merely an illusion, let’s only give it as much attention as it truly deserves.

And on those recollections, let’s move on into the Now and start creating our Reality based in this ever present moment of Eternity, where our consciousness truly resides. And when we get there, let’s ask ourselves, what do we really and truly want! Not what we think we want or what someone else might think is good for us. Let’s really focus and go within, to find those authentic answers. What are we truly aligned with? In the silence, we can always hear those whispers of our Soul, all of us, not just some.

We are all equal, we all have our own intuitive antenna inside us. All that we need to exist in this reality, is already placed inside of us. We just have to remember that and ask ourselves again, what do we really want? I don’t know for each and every Being, but I sure do know what my vision for the New World is!

Many people now talk about Love and Light, that of Love being the only reality that exists. It’s true! But so many people still don’t know what Love truly is. They need to go within and rediscover what Love really is. It’s not a feeling, although we can feel it, it’s not an emotion, although it makes us aware of our emotions even more. I am not one to tell anyone what Love is, as can no one else, living on this Planet right now. There is no spiritual teacher or Guru, who can “teach” people Love. It cannot be taught, nor can it be described. I feel we can only truly feel it through our inner knowingness, when we become it.

We have been Love all this time, but people have forgotten this. We need to remember and rediscover who we truly are, and the time for this has come now. When you become Love, you radiate Love. No great Light Being walking this Earth ever had to stress the words “I am Love” constantly! 

You just radiate it, you permeate your entire Essence with it, you illuminate all with it! When people finally realize how funny and weird they have been acting towards each other, their own Brothers and Sisters, that’s when they will be willing to welcome back their original Human Essence. Because Human Beings are Beings of Love and Love does not exclude, Love includes. It accepts everything and embraces it completely!

Once that happens, I see us living in a beautiful New Earth, where we are what we were always meant to be, great manifestations of Spirit, co-creating with one another and other forms of Spirit manifestations for the highest Divine good of Light! We are One with Nature, as we truly are and therefore we know, if we hurt Nature, we hurt ourselves as well. Twin flame and Soul mate couples all over the World finally Unite and illuminate everything with their unconditional Love for one another, the Planet and entire Cosmos. The Divine Goddess energies have finally returned to this Planet and merged with Divine Masculine energies in a perfect balance.

Those balanced energies help to reestablish a new paradigm of Love and Unity consciousness. Those couples and other teach only by being a perfect living example and each one has its own unique creative task or mission. There are even larger groups forming. Those of the same energetic frequency who create a new way of Being and living in beautiful communities. Joy and laughter is not a gift, it’s a must! People live a balanced life between their creation time, which is no longer called work or job, rest, playtime and time for inner Spiritual growth. All is interconnected and balanced, so people don’t need additional outer guidance, because they are already living accordingly to their Higher Selves.

The energies of Ancient wise ways of Being are reestablished and used only for the highest good of all the inhabitants. Peace if always within, and also without, because it’s all intertwined anyway. People of the Love “repopulate” the Earth with high vibrations and Gaia is again recharged and beautiful as ever! There are no laws, because we are Free Human Beings, who decide for themselves, where and how they want to Live, and what they want to do accordingly to their Heart’s desire. Gaia and her Children are connected with each other again, healed and living in bliss!

Only this, or something even better, dear Creator!

From my Hart to Yours!
With Love, Polona

P.S. Let’s start with illuminating those “shy” parts of ourselves that could shine even brighter! Let’s try to Be the Best version of ourselves possible! Let’s take the first step to Eternity!