Moving Beyond the Matrix

Once you get yourself out of the Matrix, there is no turning back. All seems new, your experiences change profoundly, but you are indeed ready for these changes. The whole world is before you to explore, like you have never experienced it before, but yet you felt this inside all along!

Once you get yourself out of the Matrix, you move beyond, from Planetary to Galactic, where there are new laws and experiences, new realms. You have always felt it, because it is us who made it so and therefore it was always written inside us, in our cell memory, in our DNA. It was always inside in our awareness.

Once you get yourself out of the Matrix, your perceptions change, the veils of all illusions start falling away, the only reality becomes the Spirit communicating with and through you in every shape and form, in everything and everyone, in All that is, and creates the current reality we live in. The reality we are aware of. The only thing that remains when all else disappears, is Love. Love is the only Truth, therefore Truth is Love. And therefore, only Truth sets us free, to finally Be, what we were always meant to Be. There is only Love in All that is … only Love!

With Love, Polona