The Bringers of Truth

It’s not always easy when you know things. It’s a huge responsibility, it’s a gift and a “curse” to speak metaphorically. 

When you know things it’s your duty to always remain humble, because it’s not about knowingness, it’s about what you do with it. It has to be dealt with only through love, Divine Love and respect for All that is.

When you just feel things, it’s your inner ‘knowingness’ that is speaking to you. You are tapping into your own fountain of wisdom. 

And wisdom and love go hand in hand. It’s like knowledge and mind also go hand in hand. When I think wisdom, I feel love. When I think knowledge, I feel mind.

Humanity was always and constantly shifting between the two. It was love that brought wisdom, or mind that brought knowledge. It was love that kept us connected to our true nature, and it was the mind that got us into control of what we wanted. It was a constant and ongoing process of learning, of remembering and forgetting. But we are now coming close to a crucial “time”, which is just a point in the time space continuum, when all of our our lifetime realities are merging into One and at the same time, coming into nothingness.

It is those that carry the true Goddess teachings within their Being, who remember this and resonate with it. It is those who have this feeling of knowingness in their own pure loving Hearts that are on this path. It is those that have willingly decided to be here, co-creating within All realities of Existence, who are now emerging in their own remembrance. They are recognizing their own Souls, they are returning to the Self, the true authentic Nature of who they are and how powerful they are in their Light.

They are those who are guided by the Divine Will, by the power of this Omnipresence and they are completely surrendering to this Almighty Will. They are the ones who are remembering that the true Kingdom of Heaven is within and are starting to tap into their own Divine power as they are being guided to. They are those who have selflessly decided to come and created all of the realities that needed to be created in order for the shift into the new to happen.

They are those that truly are co-creating within Divine Plan of perfection and are taking the hands of many who are willing to follow their footsteps. They are those, who are showing others the way, but never stepping into their own way. They are the ones, who have immense humility and respect for All others and All that is! They have so much wisdom, compassion and true unconditional love that is awakening and emerging within them.

They are those who don’t care about what others say or think, because it’s they who know the Truth and they came with pure determination to bestow it upon others. They are those who have no self agenda, because they are merely walking the way of the Divine Truth, which is Divine Love. They are the Masters, they are the new teachers, they are luminaries, and their Light is now starting to shine more brightly than ever before, because they are beginning to fully awaken and remember, who they are and what they came here to do … and why!

They are … Ascension Pioneers.
They are … The Ones Who Know.
They are … Here … Now!

With Love,