The New York City Mass Exodus – May 2012: Join Freedom Now!

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“My wife and I have finally decided, we no longer want to live in the matrix. Instead, we want to be free. We leave in 1 year…who is with us?

This is a mass exodus, a calling to all people of NYC, who no longer want to participate in the system, THIS IS THAT CHANCE!

We dont know where we will go right now, we have a year to organize this, by then, we will have found a community to join, or build our own.
This will be the largest, single public protest and act of civil disobedience.1- identify communites all around the globe that could accommodate the mass exodus refugees. This includes communites that would take in any refugees, and communites that would grant space to build our own

2- recruit and identify citizens who also want to join the exodus

3- encourage the mass exodus of every major city

4- identify technologies and skills that would assist with the transition

5- update this blog with any news, updates, and establish the blueprint for the May 2012 Mass Exodus

6- spread the word! Create media to communicate this idea through pictures, music, and videos.

In this exodus, the more who join our ranks, the higher the sucess rate of this event.

Please forward any ideas, info, news, and questions (etc) to [email protected] or leave a comment below.


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