Going within: The Way of Remembrance

Who are we? “Who am I?” You may ask yourself that from time to time, once you are awakened to the true nature of who we are as souls, All part of the One Source.
This journey always begins, when an individual starts his or her awakening process. That process has many phases and layers, many states of initiations where we unravel more and more veils of illusion and dip ever deeper into who we are as a Being. There might be many outer triggers, those that start the awakening process and there are many for each level of awakening. But the main part of the process is always unraveling within. That’s where the process of change and transformation is really going on.

Only within, a true change can occur. Only from within, all true and authentic answers about who we are, can emerge. All that is Divine emerges from Source, and our Connection with it is inside ourselves. You can believe certain things about yourself, you can have many opinions about who you are, you might get some clues and outer signs you might perceive as a synchronicity and answers to your questions, but what is the absolute Truth can only come from within. All else is merely an illusion, presented as challenges for our growth. And the way to Truth is through feeling. Only through feeling, we can progress deeper each time we wish to connect to our Being. It’s more about feeling yourself, not defining yourself and trying to put yourself in a box.

The thing is, those conclusions about yourself that the mind keeps making, are keeping you trapped exactly there … in that box, preserving you there, making you stay blindfolded. Because every time you research yourself, you define yourself. And every time you define yourself, you negate yourself. There are so many people who are awakened and are looking for certain answers about who they are as a Being, what their Journey of the Soul is. But the thing is, you cannot research the Journey of your Soul and it does not come from making conclusions.So you can get really well equipped for that research, but until you seek outside of yourself, the Truth won’t have an option to present itself, it will become elusive, since you will rather make assumptions yourself. This is always the easy way out. You can therefore look into all your astrological charts, you can talk to many different intuitive people and psychic mediums, you can even try to connect all the dots yourself, but it’s just all mind’s way of trying to fool you into believing a certain thing or reality about yourself. The real Truth always comes spontaneously and naturally, after every growth cycle you experience, after every light package downloads into your Being, which is the vibrational frequency of your Essence. And all of this is enfolding step by step, like pieces of the puzzle coming together, always at the Divine timing and always raising your awareness even more.

After every cycle and every initiation, you are more awake and more conscious of your Being and all Life. And when these authentic answers keep coming in packages, you always feel your Self even more, you resonate with your own Being and you also receive outer confirmations about it. It’s not about just knowing, because unless you really feel it from within, unless you truly get it yourself, it doesn’t even matter, because it’s not real anyway. Only Truth matters and only Truth is important, because only that can set us free and really make us feel who we are! The answers are not out there, all the answers are inside and this place is called your Heart.

So the first thing is always reconnecting to your higher Heart consciousness, making this awareness your only point of emergence, where all those answers are then coming from. And with co-operation of the Heart and the Mind (your Crown, the God Source), you can actually start feeling and through feeling, with all honesty, humility, true patience and faith, you can start walking the path of remembrance of who you truly are. And once we get all our galactic memory back, we are completely free, because we know exactly where we come from, why we are here and where we are going. In this, we can experience the greatest freedom we have ever felt and we know it is all a result of conscious and persistent inner work on ourselves, while we are in constant communion with Spirit. Only the path of Light leads to the great Light of who we truly are.So remember, and always be discerning about what is really important on this path and what truly isn’t, when you encounter many different outer information. What difference does it make, if you research on the outside, what you were in some other lifetime, in other dimensional aspect of your Being, if you don’t even feel what is the integration that is needed and necessary of you to fulfill and complete in this reality, here and now? Some of this information might help to some degree, but does it matter, whether you are and Angel warrior, Ascended Master, a Pleiadian, Sirian or from some other Galaxy, if you don’t really feel your part in this reality, if you don’t feel connected to your mission here on Earth now? If you truly don’t get it at all, why you are here and what is the path of your Heart that brings you the greatest Joy!

Do you understand, that the answers that come to us, are always that what we need for our role here now, not what we would want? Only the mind needs constant proof, explanation and self gratification. Soul works through Love and wants nothing else but to feel its connection to Source and being connected to All that is through acts of loving service. And when we focus on service, the answers about who we are always come, in sequences, kind of like a “reward” for our devotion to Spirit. It’s kind of like a mystery novel revealing its true story chapter by chapter. It truly is exciting, when you fully and deeply get how this actually works, what the way of Spirit is like.

Only accepting who we are here and now, and being in service to others, can bring us deeper awareness and insights that are of true and authentic importance for us and for the highest good. When we do our service, we are always “rewarded”, and that “reward” is always more Light. And since Light is information, it naturally brings us those insights. That is the true Journey of a genuine Self Master, and it begins with going within. And that is why going within is so important, because it’s the only real path to remembrance.

With Love, Polona

P.S. There are still many “New age” Teachers, false “Masters”, etc., who will never stress this and how important going within and being of loving service actually is. To know ourselves, we have to understand consciousness, and for that we need to go within. Because only understanding consciousness leads to knowing the Self! So be smarter and very discerning and don’t fall for those misleading guidelines. Start walking the path of a True Master and be a beacon of Light which you came here to be, and shine your Light!