The Journey, not the Destination

First of all, the Truth is really simple, and it’s Divine love, which needs to be remembered, felt and claimed back, because many have forgotten who they are. There are no masters and slaves, no better or worse, more or less. There is coexistence of darkness and light, but it all serves a purpose … a higher purpose for learning., which was Self ignited. And all souls have their own unique journey they choose for their growth, as well as they all have their unique purpose and a part to play within the Spiritual hierarchy.

There is no punishment or anything negative;  no blame, guilt or victim consciousness, since all is chosen on a soul level and because of that, all is good. All is for the greater growth! This does not mean that Human will is the same as Divine will, because Human law is not the same as the Sacred law.

There is only evolving consciousness, because consciousness is eternal, as Life … Existence is. For Humans to understand themselves, they need to understand consciousness, because All is nothing but pure consciousness. And we can only progress and grow when we shift in consciousness from within, becoming fully aware.

We are multidimensional and we are Masters of our own Destiny. We are co-creators within our realities, but only when we truly remember this and know it, we gain the power of it. That is all done through Divine will, not Human will, because that’s what the term co-creators in its entirety actually means. It means co-creating with the Divine!

I wish You All a magical Journey and only Divine Love, for it is the only real truth!
With Love, Polona

P.S. And remember, Truth is easy and simple, because it’s natural and therefore always comes from within. Untruth is complicated and uneasy, because it comes from the outside and therefore makes us feel confused. So when asking yourself, whether something is in alignment with the Truth or not, always look within and ask yourself how you feel!