The Other Me

We are All Twin Flame Essences. Here is a letter to mine!

I don’t know where you are, although you are always in my Heart. That’s where you reside eternally. Our love knows no limits, it knows no space and time. It is not bound by just one reality, it lives in All that is. I don’t know what you are doing, although I know my thoughts are also yours and that my yearning is the same as yours. I know that your amount of passion and unconditional love is the same as mine. I know that you carry all the knowledge and wisdom like I also do, it’s written in our Soul. I know it’s also not always easy for you with this knowingness here on Earth.I know you care for the Earth and Humanity as deeply as I do, I feel the magnificence of your Heart like I feel myself. I feel the endless fountain that you are, always in Divine flow. I know you think of Me and I know that you look at the night sky like I do, feeling me inside you. I know you also don’t listen to what others tell you about these things, because you know the deeper Truth and stick to it by only listening to your Heart. I feel your greatness and what your Soul has done and what it came here to do, like Me … together with Me. Because we are One Soul.

I call out to You across the Universe, knowing You can always hear me in a subtle way! I feel that this message can truly reach You, for You are never separate from Me … You are just like Me, because You are the other Me! You are Me and I loved you from the moment we were created!

I love You, my Beloved! This is a calling, this is a decree for our Divine  Reunion. After all that was, only Now is what we have here and within this everlasting moment … I love You always and eternally!

With Love Divine, Polona