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Those who seek, find!

Here we are. The month of June has began. It is indeed a wonderful and lovely month. A month of new beginnings for some, rapid changes for others and intense activations for All of us. It is month that will catapult us into the “half” of the year that has gone by. So we will make an inventory of all that served us well until now, and all that has not.

We will keep what is wanted and provides us with growth and progress and leave behind what is no longer serving us within the field of Love, where the highest Divine good is manifesting. Some are already deeply rooted within this field, others not so much, but nevertheless, the message is the same for All of us. The energies are working with us universally.

Those that won’t be willing to let go of old and heavy things that prevent them from moving on and anchoring ever more in the energies of Now, which is the Heart center, will sometimes be “forced” to do so within the situations that natural flow of Life provides. The Universe always operates within the greater “logic” of Universal Mind. We are a part of that cosmic intelligence, we operate within it and we are co-creating with it.

Those who are on the path of ascension and dedicated to service to others, will wish to spread their service “work” even further and share their gifts with others in an even greater amount. They will be stepping into their own power even more and others will slowly start feeling that more as well. They won’t always understand or know why, because they are not that conscious yet, but they will be guided to those who are a bit “further ahead” than they are themselves.

They will be naturally drawn when they are ready, because something deep inside of them is starting to awaken more and they seek more because of it. They want to know more, not fully realizing yet, they just want to know the Truth. All wish to know the Truth at their deepest level, everyone is naturally seeking the Divine. So far, many have been seeking on the outside, instead of within themselves. The thing is, many are going to start realizing, what is it that they seek. And those who seek, eventually find. The natural flow of things in the Universe work that way. When people won’t understand anymore, when they will feel confused to the limit, when the “right” answers just won’t come, when they will start realizing something isn’t isn’t right here, that something isn’t adding up in this equation, when they will lift the veil for at least a moment and see all the lies and illusions that are laying dormant there … that’s when they will want to know. When they reach “rock bottom”, they will want the Truth.

And that’s where we will be. Waiting. Waiting for them to ask, waiting for their call for answers. Ready to give them what they are looking for. Showing them the right direction, pointing out to them, that all is within, but you have to be first willing to let go of all you think you know, all that was familiar to you so far. It’s only when you strip and are standing there bare naked, only when you get out of your own way, out of your comfort zone, only when you are ready to admit to yourself: “I truly don’t know!”. That’s when bits of the Truth can start entering your space, your Being.

Because free will also means, that you have to be willing! Being willing to let go of everything we’ve been holding on for so long, that isn’t even ours to keep, it’s only stopping our natural progression. When we are willing, we can fully start walking the new path … the path of Truth and Integrity. June is a great month to choose so, because the energies are supporting us with that all the way!

Choose! It’s only your choice anyway. And only you get to decide how many intermediate steps you wish to take and how many stepping stones and distractions you wish to lay out for yourself. Choose wisely, that’s what I would recommend!

With Love, Polona