True Self Acceptance

Being really honest with ourselves is one of the most important parts on the Ascension path we are on. The truth is, when we are not willing to accept others, that only means there are parts of ourselves we are not willing to acknowledge and accept.

When we become aware of this, we realize that others are merely parts of us, as we are all but One! So others are here to mirror to us, what we are missing, what growth lessons are there to be acknowledged and learned, what are we still not willing to let go or embrace, what are our deepest fears and frustrations or what we still judge, always on the inner, mirroring in the outer.

Others might also mirror to us, what is in perfect balance and then we deeply resonate and deepen the bond with the Sečf even more. In that case, they are here as a confirmation for us, an ultimate mirror of ours. In all these cases, these people or situations are always a gift for us, a hidden blessing. When we are mature and responsible enough, we always see this blessing very quickly and move on as we acknowledge it, if we are more reluctant to see our mirrors, then we might get the same portions repeated in our lives. Naturally, when we look in the mirror, sometimes we like what we see, and sometimes we don’t. But are we ready to embrace what we see, when we pass by a mirror? Are we going to do something about it? Sometimes a good start is to just keep looking, deeper and deeper, just observing. Being observant instead of responsive is the way! Walking away from the mirror won’t make it go away, or prevent us encountering a new one, will it? So we should use the chance this mirror offers us and dig in! Because the mirrors are always there because our growth is constant and eternal, like Existence is. So it’s our own choice, how quickly we want to move on from constantly looking at the same image to looking at a new and fresh one every day!

In the end, when we look long and deep enough, we will find out, there is nothing bad there to see. There is nothing not to love and embrace, because all is Divine and within we are Perfection. And then we might see, that the mirror might be the best thing that ever happened to us! So let’s all get ready for some interesting mirroring and shocking surprises!

And why is this one of the most important parts, you might ask? Where we are now going, requires for us to embrace all parts of ourselves. It means completely returning back to the Self and being totally honest when discovering “lost” parts, that are still attached to a certain reality, situation or Being anywhere in time and space, in all multidimensional aspects of our Soul. When we are completely ready to call all those parts back, we become ready to remember our wholeness!

With Love, Polona

P.S. Us people, we are like dandelions, growing on the meadow. Slowly we see and find each other, sticking out of the meadow. When the wind blows, our seeds dance across the sky a cosmic dance. Then we encounter each other and exchange between us what needs to be exchanged. Then we move on, we continue and along the way, we can meet again. But we can also stay together a bit longer and start flying across the sky together.