Accepting Reality

It was another beautiful day in the Mountains today. The day before, I was at this lake resort, surrounded by many people. There is such a difference between these two realities. I can hardly withstand the energies of the first one, and the second one offers me pure Bliss of just Being, surrounded by pristine Nature and the energy of high consciousness, while the water of the lake is still healing.

The thing is, the first reality also includes the things that we do not always like, are protective of and sometimes even angry about, when we see people who are completely disconnected from Nature, themselves and all others.

They litter, drink and talk in abusive language, not even seeing the beauty of Nature, of All that is, the entire Creation. They get bored easily, so they want to have as much fun as possible, to cover up that boredom.

They need fun, and even more fun and they are willing to do everything for that fun, and Nature and people connected to it always pay the price for it. But this is still a part of our current reality.

There is still polarity within this realm, there is still the mistreating and abusing of Nature and people. There is still materiality that lures people into this vortex of now knowing who they truly are. But aside from that, pure and pristine places of Nature still exist. There is still both, and in order for All to be illuminated, we currently still need to realize it is so and acknowledge it.Not lying to ourselves and see the veils of illusion still there and darkness that is still to be illuminated, is crucial. The reality of all realms is the only thing, that makes up a new reality, a more enlightened and empowered one. A joyous one, One of Love!

Please, keep opening your eyes and seeing the reality in front of you, for it is the only thing that brings the Truth and therefore illumination through the Light of all Creation!

With Love, Polona