Earthquake Pattern Warns Us of Possible Large One in the Upcoming Weeks

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Areas to watch for a LARGE earthquake in the next two weeks or so — will cut down this list over the next few days.. but here are the threat area I feel are MOST prone for an 8.0 or greater in the very short term.
Cascadia Range — Pacific Northwest USA
Puerto Rico
Californa.. San Francisco south east to Mono Lake, south west from mono lake to Baja California.
Yellowstone into Idaho…
New Madrid Seismic Zone
North East USA .. New York State north into Canada.. nova scotia
New Zealand north to soloman islands
north of Australia into Indonesia 
North west from Australia into Indo China.. 
North west from indo-china into southern Europe/Turkey, Greece, Italy
North west of italy into Spain, and northeast into poland.
Also finally, the mid atlantic ridge…. possibly Chile in South Ameria, or Mexico in Central America.
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