Returning to MySelf

What I once seemed to be, feels so far away.
These were only layers of illusion,
bringing my Life towards confusion.
But like a Phoenix, I chose to rise high above,
like all great Masters, I chose to grow.
I chose Love, and I started calling
back all fragments of my Soul,
welcoming Myself back Home!
Through pain and sorrow I chose to grow,
now I only grow through Joy of Love.
Now I know who I Am, and through that,
I know it All!

I choose compassion and devotion,
my Life is always in a gentle motion.
Sometimes it feels intense,
major push and pulls, but they only
bring forth greater Freedom,
for Serenity is who I Am.
Peace is my eternal Home.
My Being is nothing but pure Love.
Every day I choose Love,
and so I know I choose Myself.
This is a return, a return Home,
to loving Grace of who I Am!
This is the time of Dawn,
this truly is a time of Day,
and this time I came here to stay!
With Love, Polona