Staying at Peace and Balanced

Dear Spirit, a friend asked me how to stay at Peace and balanced at all times, even when you are annoyed and hurt by some people? What is a message I can facilitate?

The message is that of Divine Love, as it always is. There are many facets to this Love, when One is learning, or better said, remembering this Divine Force within. To withstand that state, the state of the highest vibration, even amidst the apparent outer chaos and around people who have a lower frequency, means to accept all as it is.

As long as we still have a certain »Human« perception about it, the logic of the mind, we are still making our own assumptions and judgments. That is the nature of control. There is the obvious control, and a little less obvious control, the more »hidden« kind. The kind that only certain situations trigger, in order for it to come to surface and be healed.

When it comes out to surface, it needs to be accepted, recognized and therefore acknowledged. Because only through that process higher awareness can be integrated. One needs to be really honest with oneself, to recognize the patterns and see and feel which »Divine triggers« still trigger those »automatic« responses. When we acknowledge it and heal it through recognizing the pattern and raising the consciousness, we increase our vibrations. And there no longer such triggers need to exist. So as long as there are still those feelings of annoyance, hurt, resentment, etc., there is still healing/clearing to be done. It can happen very spontaneously through our growth, but when we are very conscious about it, it speeds up the process of clearing.

Forgiveness is always key and one should always allow to feel a certain way, and then forgive oneself for it. Because we can only truly forgive ourselves, no one else. And forgiveness is the key to opening all doors and through true compassion and forgiveness, All can be healed and become whole. Therefore, staying fully conscious and alert – Present during those feelings that get triggered, is the first step to being completely honest with ourselves.

And only that honesty leads to Self love, total acceptance, allowing and acknowledging all the patters, old programs and responses to them through loving forgiveness.

And remember this: As within, so without! All that surrounds us is a part of us, every single thing! Nothing is ever separate and everything is in our awareness for a reason!

With Love, Polona
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