The Power of Nature

I always have amazing and profound experiences with Gaia. This one time, after my evening run, I connected to Her, as I looked at the evening sky. It was all full of twinkling lights. The energy that went through me was so intense, that my feet were as hot as fire, it was like never before.

Sending Gaia our loving thoughts of supporting Her as she is shifting is so important right now. She needs our Love Presence of the Almighty I Am! The more people that start reconnecting with Her and the Goddess energies, the easier the shift is.

We are the ones who are co-creating this shift, we have this power, every single one of us! The gratitude and love of feeling this Oneness within All Creation here on Earth once again, will be so immense when this shift happens inside of us.

I always feel such bliss, when I Am  in Nature. The appreciation for the beauty of all that is organic in Nature is immense, as I often get tears of happiness and respect for All Life in my eyes.

I feel connected to All Life. I feel every tree, every thread of grass, every drop of water and every single element.

They are all co-creating with another and there is nothing but perfection there. Why does everything work so well in unison in Nature, and not with Humans?

We were once at a level of consciousness that made us aware of being a part of Nature, we knew how to live with it, in co-creation and respect for All Life. We have just forgotten and fell from  feeling how this is all consciousness, a part of the Divine perfection, this master plan behind every single breath of Life. 

We knew how to appreciate the Goddess energies, we knew how important they are for the perfection of the master plan. We understood the interconnectedness of everything, we saw the perfection of how it all works.  

We understood the nurturing, allowing and loving Goddess energies of the great Mother and we followed their lead. Now, when Humanity has lost its course, these Divine Goddess energies are only sleeping, resting in the Hearts of those, who still remember these times. They keep them alive in their Hearts. They carry and nurture them, holding the energetic frequency, which is therefore also always available to all others.

Every time someone mistreats Nature, abuses Her beauty and function, Gaia is sad. It’s not just Her who feels it, but also those who do know about and carry that feeling of Oneness with Nature. Those who understand the cycles of Life, the time and place for everything, according to the Divine Will that we are. So every time someone litters or abuses Nature in any other way, that is away from the law of organic Life, this only means that they do not understand and cherish the power of Goddess energies. Humanity went off course, when that happened.

Humanity entered a one way street, when they stopped following the laws of Nature and decided to go their own way, when they decided they prefer doing what they want, and not what they need, by the Divine Will. They chose their own will instead of the Divine. But does coming to a one way street mean the end? Not at all! Because all is a choice, and we can always choose to go back, to return and find the right way, the way of balance, the organic Self way. And what does organic Self mean?

It means first, discovering who we are and why we are here. When we understand our true Nature, we understand All Life, all consciousness. We discover that our true Self is organic, not artificial or man made. All Divine Creation is organic, all that man made is artificial. When Humans start co-creating together with Nature (which is Life), they follow the natural laws instead of trying to change or dominate them. 

You cannot dominate the Divine, since we ARE Divine. And only remembering this Divinity can make us conscious and aware, so we can co-create and start making organic Creations again. It takes for us to step right back into our true Divinity, and then everything unfolds naturally again. Then we are ready for a new cycle.

We can try to develop new things and technologies and we can carry on believing that will “save us” and that this can “save” Nature as well, but that can only make us drift away from the Truth even more. Nothing can save us, unless we are willing to save ourselves. And to save ourselves, we have to be willing to look really deep and change. Since change is the only constant in the Universe.

All it takes is one single shift. A shift of once again merging with our true Divine Nature. And then everything can unfold naturally. The Almighty power of Creation created everything in Existence and makes the Nature self sufficient. Son how can we ever not trust this Divine force to take care of everything as it should be, once we have that awareness again?

We simply can’t. Once we connect, we are connected. We start living and breathing with All Life, with All Creation freely and lovingly again. And Gaia can come back to Her true Divine Nature as well, like she was always supposed to be, before all this »play« started unfolding. And then, a new story can unfold. Then we are ready … for a NEW chapter!

Are You ready?
Do You feel the Oneness?
Do You breathe together with All Life?

With Love, Polona

P.S. Do You feel the connection with Gaia, as a conscious living Being that she is? Do You? Well, I sure do!