The Sacred Ways of the Spirit

How do you know that you are truly living by the ways of the Spirit, that you are in complete communion and resonance with it?

Do you have difficulties in your life or you perceive to experience difficulties? Do you struggle? Do you think you need to do things to be complete? Do you live your life by one big “MUST”? Do the right people, things and situations just not seem to come to you at the right Divine timing, when you most need them? Do you live in the victim consciousness instead of abundance consciousness? Do you believe in lack?

Do you think that jobs, working hard and other people are your source of income, instead of eternal abundance of the Source? Are you lacking a deep perspective about why certain people, places and situations are there in your life? Do you seem to have difficulties with acknowledging certain issues and mirrors in your life? Do you perceive outer reality as a source of either your health, abundance and happiness? Are you unhappy and don’t seem to prosper instead of feeling that all comes from within? Do you struggle with saying “NO” and setting healthy boundaries in your life? Are you often feeling lost and confused?

Well, the list is endless! All of the above are signs of Humans not being in alignment with Spirit and their true Essence. Many might say or give themselves the excuse, that life needs to be difficult, that they sometimes need to suffer or feel pain, in order to realize things and grow. But this is not the absolute truth. We grow the most, when we grow and experience things through joy and bliss. People who have realized this and are living in complete alignment with the Spirit, are therefore experiencing a completely different reality, than those who do not.

They have raised their consciousness and vibration up to a degree, where they always see the deeper meaning to everything. They see beyond the veil and they always see the hidden blessings and growth that comes from any given situation or reality. They always commune with Spirit and they walk together with the Divine Will, not their Human will. They allow the Spirit reality become their natural one, although they live in a material realm.Therefore, their list is endless too! They do not perceive anything as difficult, because they always see the gift and feel deep gratitude, which paves their way. They see “hidden” messages, symbols and the language of Spirit everywhere. Therefore they experience synchronicities continuously, they become it. They have abundance consciousness and know that their main source of everything is God, The Source! They don’t know the words: must, need to, have to, but, etc., because they speak the language of higher vibrations and dimensions. They live centered in the Now, where there is no “needing to do in order to Be!” Therefore, they are responsive instead of reactive and live according to how they feel.

All comes to them because they know they are their own Creators, choosing independently and on their own, the Reality which they wish to create. Because of that, they never feel like a victim, for they know all comes from within and is being created by them and for them. They are responsible for their words, actions and deeds, their entire life and they also know they are not responsible for others. They are always asking themselves questions and know how to listen. They always listen to the voice of God first, because they know guidance can always come from within, through inner feeling. And they know that we can be aware of these feelings, when we just observe.

So they are the observers of their own consciousness and consciousness of All living things, the All That Is. They are experiencing true prosperity, as the right things, people and situations always come in their life, according to what they truly need and not what they want. They know how to say “NO” the same way they say “YES” and serve for the highest good. They know how to set healthy boundaries and listen only to themselves, instead of other people, out of lack of confidence or guilt. They are always on track, never feeling lost, because they follow the “voice” of Spirit and follow it, for they know they are always guided and provided for.They believe in the grander picture of All things conscious and trust the Divine plan and know they can be centered in it only while living in the Now. They keep raising their vibrations and growing rapidly, because they know that only a devoted path is the right path towards the Divine. Only when you become an aware observer of everything, can you be aware of the reality present, unfolding as you are playing the role of your Self.

They truly have learned the Sacred Ways of the Spirit. And what is their secret? Well, let me tell you from my personal experience. If you truly wish to walk the Path of Spirit, you should first grow into the natural laws of how it all works. It’s all about devotion to the Path of loving service. It’s all about Love … sharing your Love with others and serving others and the planet. Because when this is your primary focus, all else comes to you in a beautiful flow, always in Divine timing and it’s always what you genuinely need.

When you align yourself with who you truly are and start walking the path of Spirit, you soon realize it’s not just about your own growth, which means observing and focusing merely on yourself. It’s about focusing on service first, observing and learning all along and being fully present. When you do your part, you are always “repaid”. When you act in loving service to others, when your main focus and vision is that, the Source always supports you in all that you are and do, without any doubt. Some might say, that when you give to others too much, you are not balanced.

But others are also you, so when you give to others, you give to yourself. And when your intentions are pure, the whole Universe feels it … All feel it! When you do things out of pure Love and guidance from your higher Self, you are “repaid” by all the abundance, because Source is nothing but pure Love and abundance, and you are just aligning yourself with it.

So these people know they don’t need to do anything more than what they are guided to do and how they are to act. And for them, pieces of the puzzle are just coming together all by themselves. So they truly don’t need to do anything to Be, they just are and their mere Presence manifests everything, because they know they are One with it. So they become One with it.

They start walking in unison with the Divine Will, and that way they are always provided for by Source, our loving Creator. All they need is a great pure Heart with nothing but Love, compassion and loving intentions, pure Faith and Freedom to just Be and express themselves within that field of who they are! And the rest is All taken care for!

With Love and from my own authentic experiences,

P.S. If you do not believe in the Sacred Ways of the Spirit, at least try it. You have nothing to lose anyway. You can always choose which side you want to play for!