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UFOs in Phoenix Arizona Dust Storm – Video Analysis

The violent dust or sandstorm, called a haboob, typically occurs over desert land and can stretch thousands of feet high, according to the National Weather Service. 

Tuesday evening’s version, which had sustained winds of up to 69 mph and stretched more than 100 miles at one time, was especially intense. CNN affiliate KNXV-TV broadcast striking images of the storm’s advance into the Phoenix area.

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Here is the footage of the storm recorded from a helicopter (please watch in full screen, 1080 HD), clearly showing 2 bright UFOs (one of them flying just in front of the storm, while a second one appears from inside it):

And here is the original video on the CNN website:

Reference: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/US/07/06/arizona.dust.storm/

Why the lights are NOT airplanes

  1. Airplanes are able to fly ABOVE any sand storm (in case of bad weather, all airplanes receive early warnings);
  2. In harsh weather conditions, airplanes are grounded;
  3. The lights are flying too low and the one going above is accelerating too quick compared to the one flying in front of the storm;
  4. Flying inside a sand storm leads to internal engine damage and eventually failure (is not recommended for airplanes to fly above erupting volcanoes or inside massive sand storms);
  5. Judging by the angle used to exit that storm, if that were a plane, it should have been upside down in the last frame. What would be the point for such a chaotic maneuver? And in this case, would we still be able to see the wing lights? I don’t think so!
  6. The flight path was too smooth for such a rapid acceleration. 
  7. Finally, the lights are too powerful & gradually increasing intensity, unlike the short & rapid (stroboscopic) blinking of airplane lights.
  8. Just before exiting the frame, the UFO looks circular and flat:

P.S. I saw a video from CNN trying to ridicule the idea of those 2 lights being flying saucers. For CNN to rumble about this for minutes, trying to bring evidence that those are nothing more than planes, offered me the final piece of the puzzle. “He who excuses himself, actually accuses himself”.

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;